Fashion Trends, Woman In 1980s Fashion On A White Background by TierneyMJ |
Fashion Trends, Woman In 1980s Fashion On A White Background by TierneyMJ |

It’s easy to look back at memories of the past decades and fondly remember the styles and fashion choices. But there are also many moments where we see old pictures and are befuddled! What the heck were we thinking! I must mention though, that it goes without saying that expressing yourself via your clothes is awesome and you should wear whatever makes you feel good or confident all the time.

However, fashion trends always make a return in some form or another- so never say never. But honestly let’s admit there were certain moments in our history where we made questionable fashion choices. While some timeless pieces will never go out of style and are here to stay like an LBD or white-collared shirt. Some ideas we thought were cool at the time, were not the best. TBH trends like frosted tips or super low waisted jeans were a bad idea and didn’t look great on everyone. Don’t worry if you’ve rocked these trends, many of us have and they were perfect for its time but are sort of cringe-worthy now.

1. Popcorn Tops

Who remembers these? We all must have worn some of this at one point another if you were a kid in the late ‘90s to early 2000s. Also known as the bubble shirt, origami shirt and crinkle shirt. Honestly, I did not know what it was actually called until recently. It randomly sprang up everywhere and was the ultimate It item for tween girls everywhere. It looked super tiny but was made with a super-stretchy material and came with a one size fits all tag—but I would say was one size fits most. Available in all colours and cuts from spaghetti tops to long sleeves, it really was kind of unflattering on everyone. While they are sort of still floating around online and some places we’re not keen to revisit this old fad unless there’s a dramatic change to its style.

2. Very Low-Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans were super popular in the early 2000s and I mean very low-rise! These jeans were so low that women were showing off their underwear— yikes!. They were everywhere, from red carpets to everyday errands, on all our favourite celebs like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera popularizing it among the youth. I remember it being tough to even find regular waisted jeans at the stores. Thankfully we’ve made a return to regular waists and high-rise jeans being all the rage at the moment.

3. Frosted Tips

Ahhh, those damn frosted tips! I’m sure most of us have fond memories of this hairstyle on all our celeb crushes. Most boy-bands like NSYNC and Justin Timberlake were rocking this look. Even some of our Bollywood heroes tried out this look for movie roles at some point or another. While we all swooned it probably was not the best choice even then.

4. Velour Tracksuits

Did you even survive the 2000’s if you don’t know Juicy Couture?  There were a lot of matching trends in that era but nothing like the velour tracksuits. If you were a cool-girl you were decked out in a pink suit. If you couldn’t afford the exuberantly priced JC, no worries, there were a million knock-off versions available everywhere. And let’s not forget the bedazzled words like Juicy or Babygirl on your butt. While I don’t particularly hate the matching tracksuit trend, it was better fitted for the gym or jogs and not the best for red carpets or events as it was often worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

5. Shutter Shades

These impractical shades were initially big in the ’80s and brought back into fashion by Kayne West in 2007. He wore a pair of shutter shades in his music video for Stronger where they were noticed by the masses and became an internationally widespread trend overnight. While they look super cool it was a dangerous trend. You literally couldn’t see and be prone to get yourself injured. While I still see these shades pop up in stores, let’s leave this style in the past and only for retro parties.

6. Skirt Over Pants Trend

At the time this seemed like a really good idea. I mean pairing your flared jeans with a cute new skirt seemed like a no-brainer! Why didn’t we think of this idea before? And yes it was a genius thought then. With all the teen and adult celebs making it look really cool at events, everyone followed suit. But let’s be real, it was a bit too much paired together, especially since we were already excessively layering our outfit pieces together in the noughties. Wearing these items separately was much more fashionable and stylish.

What trend do you wish stayed in the past? Let us know in the comments below.

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