There’s a reason why the Papa Ki Pari Hoon Main song is so famous—fathers and daughters share a special bond. You see otherwise tough, strict dads melting and becoming all mushy around their daughters. And for daughters, their first love is their dad. You always try to find the qualities of your dad in the boy you like or the boy you’re dating, no? It always made me wonder why daughters are more inclined towards their dads and sons are more inclined to their moms. And so, I listed down a few points on why a father-daughter relationship is unbreakable, at least from what I have experienced. Scroll down to check ’em out and see if its the same for you too!

1. We teach each other new skills

He helped me learn how to ride a bike, and I helped him how to use Facebook and Instagram! We always run to each other to learn new skills.

2. My father always has my back

Be it calming my math teacher down for my bad grades in school to talking to that boy’s parents I beat up while playing, he always had my back and handled every situation so well. And so, whenever he messes up at home and there’s a good chance mom could flip out on him, I dive right in to save him!

3. He teaches me to deal with my problems head-on

Dads will let you figure things on your own, mess up and start all over again—just to make sure you learn to deal with your own mess and come out of it even stronger.

4. We help each other deal with our feelings

He’s taught me to not be ashamed of how I feel and rather acknowledge every feeling I experience. And I help him express his feelings and hold him when he hits rock bottom. We’re each other’s strength!

5. He taught me to take risks in life

Not once has my dad been upset at me for taking a risk in life (ofc nothing illegal)! He’s always told me to go for my dreams, take that big jump, gave me all the support and faith to move to another city at the age of 17 and so much more. And so, when he feels unsure about life and taking a risk, I repeat what he’s taught me over the years!

6. My father showed me I could be everything I liked

My father makes sure I know that I don’t have to fit in a box, I can be a girl who loves wearing polka dot skirts and makeup and at the same time love basketball and beat a team of 5 against me. He taught me that it is not necessary to make a choice between being strong and being delicate, I can be both!

7. We protect each other

I remember as a kid he made sure I felt protected 24*7! I strongly felt (and still do) that he can protect me from any and every harm. And now, the tables have turned—I love taking care of my father and his well being is my top priority!

8. We keep each other’s secrets

Not sure why but I feel the most comfortable to share my deepest secrets with my dad. I feel like he just gets me and I can trust him with my secrets.

9. We have our inside jokes

My father and I share so many inside jokes and its probably because we can’t refrain ourselves from telling each other everything about our day.

10. We bring out the best in each other

And the best part about our relationship is that he brings out the best in me and I bring out the best in him. We correct each other’s mistakes and hype each other up all the time and honestly, I am so grateful to have my dad in my life.

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