Working out is not just great physically but also has an impact on one’s mental health. It helps you discipline yourself, relieves you of stress and makes you feel wholesome. The feeling after a good workout is my most favourite feeling! In a plethora of workouts that people turn to, Yoga has to be the most famous one. Introduced in ancient India, the importance of Yoga has grown drastically over the years. It is an internationally acclaimed form of exercise and has a slew of benefits that are the rage everywhere!

However, while acing those asanas and pranayamas, it is important to wear the right kind of clothes. Clothes that are comfortable, well-fitted and stretchable to allow you to go about your Yoga sessions without any discomfort. With time being one of the most precious gifts of 2020, more and more people have incorporated Yoga into their daily lives. If you’re on the lookout for brands that are centred around Yoga-wear, your search ends here!

Ahead, we give you a list of 5 brands you can turn to for all your Yoga needs:

1. Stretchery

As the name suggests, Stretchery offers a variety of products for Yoga that will help you stretch your mind, body and soul. Neutral colours to loud hues alike, the brand has a range of Yoga clothes and additional accessories like tote bags, yoga mats, napkins, headbands etc. The better part is that it is an eco-conscious brand and all the products are made using sustainable materials with 100% plastic-free packaging. Along with great design options, the products are also skin-complimenting and organic.

You can shop for their products here.

2. Proyog

Proyog aims at capturing the truest essence of Yoga and helping one get the maximum out of their experience. The brand has a range of products for men and women. From minimalistic designs to quirky prints, a muted colour palette and garments ranging from sports bras, t-shirts, tights, short to dhotis even—they have it all. They also offer a host of Yoga accessories and given the pandemic, are also selling face masks. Proyog is also a sustainable brand and it’s organically rich list of fabrics include cotton, linen, silk, wool, hemp etc.

You can shop for their products here.

3. Kica

Kica mixes 3 F’s when it comes to Yoga-wear—functional, flexible, and fluid. The brand aims at making fashion meet active-wear and their products offer just that! From loose t-shirts, joggers, Yoga pants, sports bras to so much more in designs, colours and prints that are sure to catch your eye—Kica has it all!

You can shop for their products here.

4. Kosha

Kosha has one purpose in mind—to make your Yoga sessions as smooth as possible. And to cater to that is their collection of Buttr Yoga pants. Buttr Yoga pants are basically made by regenerating ghost fishing nets and therefore can be recycled infinitely! Apart from their chic active-wear, they also offer accessories like bags, Yoga blocks, mats, journals and cards for kids etc. Additionally, the brand also offers an online classroom with professional instructors. How cool, no?

You can shop their collection here.

5. Satva

Satva is another eco-conscious label dedicated to providing the best Yoga-wear there is. All of their products are made from organic cotton, free from any chemicals and pesticides. Their designs are simple, clean and have mostly a neutral colour palette with hints of colour and prints. From basic garments to statement-making ones, Satva has a collection that will fit everyone’s tastes!

You can shop for their products here.

If you know of any more brands that we can turn to for Yoga-wear, don’t forget to drop your suggestions below!

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