Us ladies usually say “it’s so easy to be a man” while calendaring our waxing and threading, mani and pedi appointments—and that statement holds true in most houses. Like for example, my dad… While for him, getting my nails done on a monthly basis is hella’ bizarre and “unnecessary”, it’s my monthly grooming ritual and it must be done. LOL.

Similarly, I recognised that he too has a bizarre self-grooming ritual that I will never truly get. So, I rounded up my Team MM girls who spilt a few gems about their dads and their super unique and interesting way of how they groom themselves.

Nelly Wadia

My dad has a very long morning in the bathroom, which includes his shower. He carefully sets his clothes out before his shower and after he does his Kusti prayers (a Parsee ritual) diligently. Only then will he entertain a conversation with the family. He will then go comb his hair put on his glasses and that’s his beauty routine. Oh.. To be a man!

Nelly Wadia and her dad
Nelly Wadia and her dad

Alisha Fernandes

My father washes his face, combs his hair, uses after shave and talc and is ready to go. He also gets regular oil massages for his head.

Alisha Fernandes' dad
Alisha Fernandes’ dad

Natasha Patel

Whether he’s going to the office or to pick up groceries, my father will never leave the house without re-brushing his teeth. No matter the time of day—even if he’s going out with friends for dinner at night, he will always, always brush his teeth!

Natasha Patel and her dad
Natasha Patel and her dad

Suruchi Patwari

My father always maintains a clean shave, he shaves whatever beard grows every 3-4 days.

Suruchi Patwari's Dad
Suruchi Patwari’s Dad

Pooja Maheshwary

My father takes a shower at 8 AM EVERY day. Nevermind it’s a Sunday. Nevermind that lockdown’s going on. Nevermind he has nowhere to go!

Pooja Maheshwary and her dad
Pooja Maheshwary and her dad

Saania Hava

Dad never leaves home without combing his hair and moustache and wearing a strong attar/perfume.

Saania Hava and her dad
Saania Hava and her dad

All our dads believe they’re a #CoolDad, amirite?