Currently, the world is battling a plethora of problems whilst tackling a pandemic. The most recent problem to have surfaced revolves around the Black community. To refresh your memory a little, an African-American man named George Floyd lost his life during an encounter with the cops in Minneapolis. The video that is making rounds on the internet shows Derek Chauvin, a cop who knelt on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes in an attempt to hold him down and detain him but ended up killing him. The feud broke out over an issue of a counterfeit bill.

The real issue to have stemmed from this incident, however, is racism. This particular incident has taken social media by fire and angered many across the globe. A lot of American citizens have been protesting for a week or so across the country. In light of these events, the fashion industry has also stepped up in support of the black community. Many fashion houses and labels have donated funds to organisations for the Black community, shown support via their social media handles etc.

Scroll ahead for a list of fashion companies that have taken a stand for the same:

1. Savage x Fenty

Founded by Rihanna, Savage x Fenty asked their followers to partake in the worldwide fight against racism. The brand posted on their Instagram handle that the company would be donating funds to a couple of organisations, one of them being BLM Greater NY .

2. Nike

Nike posted a video on their Instagram handle with a twist in their famous tagline, that said: “For once, Don’t Do It.” The video asked people to stand up against racism, to not support it by not turning your back against it but speaking against it, and finally asking people to be the change.

3. Reebok

The brand made two note-worthy statements on their Instagram with regards to the incident that said that America and Reebok would not really exist if not for the Black community.

4. Aurora James

Aurora James who is the founder of the brand Brother Vellies took to her Instagram asking followers to purchase and invest more and more from Black-owned businesses. Talking about the population percent that the Black community consists of in America, James urged people to buy 15% of their products from businesses owned by Black men and women.


GANNI took to their Instagram notifying their followers about their donation towards various organisations fighting to achieve racial justice like Black Lives Matter, NAACP, ACLU foundation. Furthermore, the brand also acknowledged that even though donations are not enough, we must continue to educate ourselves about racial injustice and take actions accordingly. Their post also advised people to donate to any anti-racism organisations instead of making a purchase from the company.

6. Supreme

Supreme took to their Instagram to show their support against racism as well. Their message to the world was that when a person’s humanity is not accepted and further denied, the world is inflicted with chaos.

7. Adidas

In a surprising move, Adidas who happens to be a Nike rival retweeted their video that stood up and spoke against the racial injustice against the Black community. Additionally, Adidas stressed on moving forward and making a change together.

8. Macy’s

The chairman and CEO of Macy’s Jeff Gennette expressed his feelings against the recent protests and the incident in a post via the company’s Instagram handle. He talked about not just George Floyd’s incident but similar incidents that have happened in the past. Supporting the protests, Macy’s had reduced store hours at outlets located in close vicinity of the protests.

9. Gap

Actively condemning racial injustice and offering their support for the people of the Black community, Gap along with brands Athleta and Banana Republic have joined hands in donating $250,000 to NAACP and Embrace Roots. These organisations continually fight the fight of civil rights and racial injustice.

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