In this dating app era, finding someone who actually wants to develop a meaningful, deep relationship with you can be a task. But isn’t that too hyped? I mean, why can’t we just enjoy being single rather than run behind the idea of finding the perfect one? Well, in all honesty, being single might not sound very romantic but it’s just the frickin’ best! Don’t believe me? Scroll down to check out all the reasons that will prove singledom is awesome.

1. You Become Independent

Not saying that you’re not independent right now, but there are some things that we rely on our partners for. But when you’re single, you learn to do it all by yourself and become more independent!

2. Party Time Is When You Want It To Be

No more asking for permission to drink the night away with your besties, or just by yourself. Honestly, we all need to crack open a cold one (or 17) all by ourselves and just enjoy ‘me time’!

3. No Fights, No Drama

Fights and arguments aren’t a bad thing, but when you’re single you just don’t have to deal with any of it at all!

4. Build Better Self-Esteem

Singlehood is the perfect time to build better lasting self-esteem, you feed yourself with only positive thoughts and don’t let anyone else’s opinion shake it!

5. No Pressure Of Dressing Up

I am not saying our significant others pressurise us into looking good for me, but that’s just something we all feel like doing by ourselves. But, not anymore! You can wear that whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

6. Spend Your Time The Way You Want

You’re the boss of your own time when you’re single, spend it the way you want! You can take naps at any time of the day, go for a jog, binge-watch your favourite show for the hundredth time.

7. No Expectations

It actually works in favour for you both ways! You don’t have expectations from anyone when you’re single and neither is anyone expecting anything from you. No pain, no suffering!

8. Travel Whenever You Want

Felt like taking that spontaneous beach vacay? You can actually do it without having to worry if it fits someone else’s schedule or if they like mountains more than beaches instead. Hell, you could go for a solo trip and not feel guilty about it!

9. More Time To Know Yourself Better

Spending alone time can really help you know yourself better. I know it sounds funny, how can we not know ourselves, right? But the truth is, when you spend more time by yourself, you’ll start learning about your interests and hobbies better. Try out the things that excite you and maybe you might find a long-hidden passion too!

10. Total Control Of Your Money

Every single penny in your purse and bank account is all yours and you get to decide how you wish to spend it.

So, if you’re riding solo, know that it’s the best time of your life!

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