Sonu Nigam‘s recent vlogs exposing the music mafias has fire-rocketed as many others in the industry to speak up. Singer Adnan Sami has also recently come out in support of Sonu, saying these record labels think of themselves as the ‘self-appointed gods’ of the industry. Now, Swag Se Swaagat singer, Neha Bhasin, has come out and spoken about how music mafias do exist. But she says that in the end, if you are talented, you can rise above them like she did.

Neha took to her Instagram and wrote a long post, giving her 2 cents about the on-going controversy. She reveals that her song was removed from Tumhari Sulu because T-Series and her had a misunderstanding. She says that right after they asked her to leave, she got a call to sing Swag Se Swaagat which went on to become a hit! She ends by saying she has nothing for or against the label, but isn’t one to suck upto them and their system.

Have a look at her post:

She also took to her stories to say that she only belongs to one camp, and that is the will of the Universe. More power to you, Neha.