4 Major Signs That You Might Be Living With A Psychopath

4 Major Signs That You Might Be Living With A Psychopath

Suruchi Patwary

Psychopath movies can get intense and really make you question who to trust. That’s mainly because their behaviour defies the usual understanding of rights and wrongs and social norms. But if you go by clinical terms, the word ‘psychopath’ doesn’t mean anything. Because it doesn’t describe an actual medical condition. The closest diagnosis that is similar to psychopath behaviour is ASPD (antisocial personality disorder). As per the Mayo Clinic, it is a mental disorder that leads people into not caring about the well-being of others, no sense of right and wrong, and the absence of empathy.

Such people are toxic to live with but it’s often difficult to understand that they in fact have ASPD. And so, here are 4 signs that will tell you if the toxic person you’re living with is probably a psychopath. Scroll down to check them out.

1. Lack Of Empathy

Now we might know psychopaths as serial killers and violent murderers, thanks to all the American Psycho, but it isn’t the case always for people with ASPD. While there’s a chance they could be violent, it actually comes from a place of having no empathy and can be portrayed in more subtle ways as well. It could be a parent using their child for their own good, even if it’s hampering their child’s needs massively.

2. Harmful Without Remorse

Due to the lack of a sense of morality, psychopaths or people with ASPD usually have no issues with harming people if it means they are getting something out of it—be it emotionally, financially, or even physically. This is one of the primary symptoms of a psychopath. And such people are more likely to take part in organised crimes as well.

3. Hard To Detect

Usually, people with ASPD can be extremely charming and go as far as to fake empathy too when required. And so, it is very difficult to detect the symptoms of a person with ASPD. They could come off as thoughtful, attentive, and really charming and people around them wouldn’t even know they’re interacting with someone dangerous.

4. Personal Gains

People with ASPD tend to act only for their personal gains, and they don’t mind exploiting people for it, even if it’s their loved ones. This can lead to them lying, manipulating, and stealing and abuse.

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