Urban Company Ensures Safety Measures For At-Home Salon Appointments

Urban Company Ensures Safety Measures For At-Home Salon Appointments

Nelly Wadia
Shweta Tiwari Using Urban Company's At-Home Salon With Safety Precautions
Shweta Tiwari Using Urban Company’s At-Home Salon With Safety Precautions

If there’s one thing that I miss about my old life it’s 100%, hands-down having a leisurely day at the salon. I’m not the indulgent kind that goes all out but I enjoy a nice manicure and pedicure every now and then. Man, I also miss my facials and my waxing appointments. Some days I daydream about what I would do when I have the opportunity to return to a salon. I know that things seem to be slowly unlocking as well but does that mean it is safe for us to venture out? Let me tell you that it is not, despite what you hear and see, it is up to you to take care of yourself and family.

So, what do you do then in times like these? Of course, you shouldn’t have to make a choice between your safety and your needs. And now you don’t have to because Urban Company has seen and understood, that there is a need for intensive safety measures for salon appointments. These safety precautions are implemented to not only ensure your safe health but also to care for their valuable staff taking the risk to cater to your needs.

Here a look at Urban Company‘s 7-step safety guidelines to ensure you have a smooth and safe salon experience:

1) Beauticians are provided with a PPE kit; that comes complete with a mask, gloves, bodysuit and a face shield.

2) Before beginning the salon experience, the beautician will share their last 3-day temperature check with the customer. Their temperature is recorded daily and the Arogya Setu safe status is also provided to the client.

3) Single-use products are used.

4) Beauticians use disposable products and bring the full salon kit with themselves so that you can just sit back and relax.

5) The surfaces where the beautician sets up is sanitised along with their tools. This entire process takes place in front of the client to ensure transparency.

6) They provide low-contact salon services for maximum safety and hygiene.

7) Post-salon service sanitation is provided by the beautician itself where all the touch-points including handles and switches will be sanitised.

Please note all their beauticians are given an intensive 7-day safety and hygiene training program.

Curious about how these salon services are carried out? Scroll on

1) Low-Contact Roll-On Waxing

2) Low-Contact Threading

3) Low-Contact Facials

4) Hygienic Manicure & Pedicure

With self-care being our highest priority right now I think the women working their hardest during this lockdown by running their households, families and their work definitely need a treat. Take that much-needed break and order yourself a nice salon experience all from the comfort of your home. Or better yet get your husband to gift you an experience you’d never forget.

Urban Company‘s services have recently resumed in all cities except Maharashtra and containment zones, as per government orders.

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