Richa Chadha Shares A Strong Message After Fair And Lovely Decided To Rename The Brand

Richa Chadha Shares A Strong Message After Fair And Lovely Decided To Rename The Brand

Avya Sharma

Ever since the skincare brand, Fair and Lovely has decided to drop the word ‘fair’ from its name, netizens and many Bollywood celebrities are lauding the move by the brand. But a few people are also calling it lip service as they won’t discontinue the product.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha endorsed the move by taking to her Instagram to share a strong message about how just this small change is also a huge step in the right direction and that she hopes things change for the better slowly.

Here’s what she wrote:

NOT FAIR BUT LOVELY”, I had gotten this printed on a T-shirt back in 2015. Yesterday, the brand Fair and Lovely and I were finally in agreement! Yesterday, they dropped the word FAIR from their product name… Before you attack the brand for only paying ‘lip service’, please remember, it takes many generations for ideas to change. There is demand and hence there is supply…We have been told since we were children, that fairness is the only definition of beauty! It is also another unfortunate byproduct of colonialism and casteism! But it’s 2020, and a lot of BS is getting dismantled!
It took me many years of unlearning to gain confidence and start LOVING my complexion! Der aye durust aye, I say.
I welcome this decision by the brand… and it’s not easy… brands have a thousand meetings before they change even the FONT in their logo… I hope slowly and steadily mindsets change… we must continuously and without any influence of the West, define our own idea of beauty. Beauty must be inclusive! Bravo Fair And Lovely

Have a look at her post:

Meanwhile, celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Abhay Deol, Suhana Khan, Kangana Ranaut also endorsed the great move.