Is it just me or are podcasts totally saving our sanity during this quarantine? I have been exploring the podcast app on my phone and actually found some really interesting ones! And since it’s been more than a month of being away from my boyfriend, I’ve developed a great interest in podcasts about love, relationship, and all that jazz. And so, I’ve listed below a few of the ones that really stood out for me. Scroll down to check them all out!

1. Why Won’t You Date Me With Nicole Bryer

Host: Nicole Bryer

About: Nicole is single and her take on being single is hilarious (she’s a comedian)! She even invites her friends over on the show to talk about their love lives.

Listen here.

2. Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions

Host: Various Guests

About: This one’s a confessional podcast for all the solo riders out there. Whether you’re being ghosted by that cute guy during the pandemic or setting some ground rules, this podcast will help you through it all!

Listen here.

3. Breakup Boost

Host: Trina Leckie

About: Breakups—how to deal with heartbreaks, if you should stay friends with your ex, etc. Expect straightforward and no sugar-coated advice in this podcast.

Listen here.

4. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Host: Anna Faris

About: One of the most interesting podcasts I have come across, this one is the best combo of advice and humor. It also has celebrity guests in each episode.

Listen here.

5. Relationship Advice

Host: Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz

About: If you’re looking for some relationship advice, tips, or inspiration, then this one’s for you. Especially for all the young couples out there!

Listen here.

What podcast are you listening to these days? Let us know in the comments below!

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