We talk about certain wardrobe staples that are considered as essentials. But just like wardrobe essentials, our undergarment category also has an “essentials” section. These pieces, by all means, are crucial for they’re useful for a variety of occasions. When you don a great outfit, the lingerie you wear underneath is the make-it-or-break-it point. And investing in essential items is a great way to ensure that all your outfits always look great. Additionally, the right kind of lingerie also has the ability to alter your mood for the day.

However, listing down lingerie essentials can get puzzling. Worse is when you walk into a store and forget what you came for, and scour through non-essential items instead. We’ve all been allured by those fancy lace bras and panties. But the next time you make a trip to an undergarment store, ensure you fill up on these essential items that your wardrobe might be missing.

Ahead, we give you a list of 9 must-have items your lingerie wardrobe should include:

1. A black and a nude bra

Yes, colourful bras with attractive prints are a great addition to your closet, but a black and a nude bra will have your back through everything. A black bra is the ultimate ninja and will almost never show. A nude bra is a great investment for slightly translucent fabrics and best to wear under your whites.

Black And Nude Bras by AmyWhy | www.shutterstock.com
Black And Nude Bras by AmyWhy | www.shutterstock.com

2. Maternity bra

Goes without saying but lactating mothers have an around-the-clock schedule. And there is absolutely no need for a normal bra to make matters worse when it comes to breastfeeding. Investing in a maternity bra will ensure a hassle-free breastfeeding journey. A maternity bra makes it easy to unclip and clip it back on from the front.

Maternity Bra by Kovalenko Elena | www.shutterstock.com
Maternity Bra by Kovalenko Elena | www.shutterstock.com

3. Sports bra

Even though many don’t exercise regularly, the bottom line is that you should. So when you are working out, you should take into consideration your comfort as well. A sports bra provides firm support to your breasts and restricts excess movement which can lead to sagging. Sometimes, a sports bra can be a great lingerie option to wear at home when you’re not in the mood to wear a regular bra.

Sports Bra by WSW1985 | www.shutterstock.com
Sports Bra by WSW1985 | www.shutterstock.com

4. T-shirt bra

Remember I mentioned that ever so often we all fall prey to fancy, lace bras and panties? Yes, these textured bras can sometimes prove to be a disaster under certain tops by popping out. For that very reason, it is essential to have a t-shirt bra that is smooth, serves proper support and does not make you look bulky.

5. Seamless panties

Ever been in a situation where you’re wearing a fitted dress and your panty line decides to make a cameo? To avoid that unnecessary peek-a-boo, add a seamless panty to your lingerie collection to never let that mishap happen again!

6. Thongs

If you don’t want to opt for a full coverage panty, give thong panties a try. They’re breathable, easy and also a great alternative for seamless panties.

7. Spanx underwear

Having a Spanx underwear or shapewear provides a great foundation for fitted dresses. More than faux-slimming, they ensure the fit of the garment is smooth and has a great fall.

Shapewear by Alex_Vinci | www.shutterstock.com
Shapewear by Alex_Vinci | www.shutterstock.com

8. Boy shorts

Boyshorts are extremely comfortable and cosy and hence perfect for everyday wear. They provide full-fledged coverage which is also another reason to have these in your wardrobe. PS. they’re such cute lingerie, don’t you think?

9. A dress slip

We all have pretty dresses in our wardrobe that just so happen to cling to the skin upon wearing them. Or a few see-through ones as well. Wearing a slip underneath will make sure that the dress falls right, and provide a fix for sheer dresses!

10. A skirt slip

The reason you should wear a slip under a dress is applicable for a skirt as well. To prevent the fabric from clinging to your skin and ensure that the skirt falls perfectly. This is why slips are a necessity in your lingerie wardrobe.

Know of any more essentials that one must invest in? Tell us in the comments below!

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