Ever since lockdown 1.0 went into effect I’ve just been binge-watching TV shows like a crazed individual. I do love and enjoy this activity more than the others I indulge in. So, of course, when they announced Mindy Kailing‘s—Never Have I Ever on Netflix, I was counting the days to the release of the show. All of us girlfriends gushed about what it could be, we saw trailers and were like OMG! finally some Indian representation for us globally.

The story is inspired by Mindia Kailing’s childhood, of course. The show follows Devi Vishwakumar, a high school sophomore played by newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. It is a bit like any other teenage drama/ comedy and focuses on how she responds to all the ups and downs of being a brown skin girl from Sherman Oaks, California. else. Netflix posted a zoom call on Instagram of the actors breaking the news of the renewal of the show for a second season.

Season one: Never Have I Ever

Sets the tone and narrative on Devi’s life as she grieved the loss of her father. All the while balancing her old friendships and boys. This story is far from being written off. And season one ended on quite the cliffhanger with Devi kissing her long-time frenemy. While her longtime crush Paxton waits for her eagerly on her porch.

Honestly, I’m so thrilled by the diversity on this Never Have I Ever, it was great to see Indian women in lead roles. I really like how messy and real Devi’s life is. The show is thoroughly entertaining and lighthearted in every way.

Production and shooting of the Never Have I Ever are paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No official date has been set for when production may resume. Until then season 1 is available on Netflix for a nice binge-watching session.

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