13 Things In My Instagram ‘Saves’ Folder ATM

13 Things In My Instagram ‘Saves’ Folder ATM

Natasha Patel

Not to be biased but Instagram is def one of my most preferred social media platforms but it was only recently that it made it’s way to the top of my list. Let’s take a small journey to mid-2017 when Instagram introduced its ‘Saves’ feature. Now why it was so beneficial and amazing was because it showcased the ability to bookmark (essentially save) the posts they liked from another creator, and then create ‘Collections’ which they can name and tag differently. But that’s not the cool part… This feature soon became a means to measure engagement… It’s basically like an indicator that tells the creator their post has been enjoyed/valued.

Okay, enough of the technical stuff… Back to how much I love this feature. So much so that I’m constantly saving things into folders. From luxury items on my wishlist to beauty tutorials to fashion hacks, to cookie recipes, here’s what I’ve recently saved:

1. The Dior ‘Bobby’

Firstly, I can’t get enough of the name, Bobby—taken after Christian Dior‘s beloved dog. And secondly, this buckle, hobo-style bag with the classic oblique canvas makes for a dreamy style accessory.


2. A beachy wave tutorial by Justine Marjan

If you want to learn anything hair-related, you’ve got to follow Justine. She’s hairstylist to the star and you need to check out all her tutorials to see why. I love all her looks!

3. An At-home AB circuit by MadFit

This girl is full-power, and your workout routine could use some of her exercises and techniques for that extra toning.

4. Fruity nail art stickers

Can’t go to my nail salon now, but hey! No harm in saving these for when everyone’s finally out of lockdown, right?

5. Decor inspo

I love interior design and I also have an entire folder dedicated to it. But for now, this open and minimal space is at the top of my list.

6. Bala arm weights

This one’s for when international shipping opens up and I can lose my old and rusted arm weights and use these bracelet-like ones instead!

7. Peanut noodle recipe

Cooking is something I have never, ever been fond of… But I guess quarantine has changed people because I’m that person who saves food video recipes now.

8. Banana oatmeal choco-chip cookies

Oh, and there’s also the cookies. While the cooking angle I don’t thoroughly enjoy, I do however find baking to be calming and therapeutic in a way. Also, this recipe is something you’re going to want to save.

9. Hair colour inspo

When I finally get my social life back, I’m going to do so with my freshly colour hair… And this is what it’s going to look like. Now if only I had that flawless skin!

10. Memes to send to my work friends

Because #MemesAreLife. That’s all.

11. A cool fashion hack

I’m not a fashion blogger but when a good hack comes around, I’m all over that!

12. Cute quotes

I love a good motivational quote that I can glance at and feel good about myself from time-to-time.

13. A few of my Shop Lune faves for my ear stack

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with accessories, especially dainty and cute ones for my piercings. I can honestly say that this brand has got to be my most fave for jewellery.

Have you coincidentally saved any of these? Are we like minds thinking alike? Let me know in the comments below!