6 Common Dental Health-Related Questions Answered By An Expert

6 Common Dental Health-Related Questions Answered By An Expert

Pooja Maheshwary

Dental health has a big impact on our overall health. Since we often have conversations within Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook, we invited Dr. Saiesha Mistry, Aesthetic & Restorative Dentist, to host a #GirlTribeAMA on dental and oral health. Dr. Mistry shared her tips and tricks for a brighter smile; foods that promote dental health; the correct way to brush and floss; ways to deal with bleeding gums and bad breath, and more! Read on to know how to take better care of your pearlies!

Q. Is it better to brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

You could do either. The main aim of brushing is to prevent the food from collecting in the mouth and staying there for a long time. If it is cleared in a timely manner it doesn’t stick around long enough to break down and cause damage to the teeth or gums. Brushing before breakfast gives you a fresh and minty feeling and helps in making you feel more awake. Brushing after breakfast ensures that the food is removed and not allowed to stay in the mouth the whole day.

Q. Are there any home remedies for stained teeth?

Stains can occur on your teeth from things you eat and drink. It is important to rinse your mouth as soon as you can after eating or drinking to prevent stains. Moreover, brush and floss your teeth twice daily and use a whitening toothpaste. You could also try home remedies such as applying a paste of baking soda and water, an orange peel with sea salt, a ripe banana peel or even strawberries.

Q. Are there any tricks to check how strong or healthy my teeth really are?

The only way to guarantee your teeth are healthy and strong is to have a dentist give them that certificate! Sometimes teeth can appear healthy and have no pain or symptoms, but often there can be the presence of some underlying decay or gum disease, which could cause problems in the future.

Q. How to deal with bleeding gums?

You could have a local injury, for instance with a toothbrush or a fork. If this is the case, then apply a local ointment on it regularly and it should settle down. It could also be due to inflammation caused by plaque and tartar. In this case, you could have gingivitis or even a more advanced case of periodontitis. If it is a systemic issue, ensure that your diet includes foods rich in Vit B complex and Vit C.

Q. Does acid reflux weaken the teeth?

Acid reflux is very damaging to the teeth. In case of reflux, the stomach acid comes into the oral cavity, and the teeth are then bathed in this acid. This tends to dissolve and soften the enamel.

Q. Is oil pulling genuinely effective in strengthening teeth and gums? If yes, which brand of oil would you recommend?

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian folk remedy that claims to whiten your teeth, freshen your breath and greatly improve your oral health. It has been claimed that it can reduce cavities, gingivitis and bad breath. Using coconut oil for oil pulling is becoming increasingly popular. There are reported negative side effects if improper technique is used though, including dry mouth, excessive thirst, muscular stiffness, exhaustion and loss of sensation or taste in the mouth.

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