A Look At Princess Diana's Love Story With Fashion

Sakshi Kore , 06 Jul 2020
Princess Diana | (Source: Instagram | @diana.princess.wales, @princessdianaoutfits)
Princess Diana | (Source: Instagram | @diana.princess.wales, @princessdianaoutfits)

Apart from her timeless appeal, indulging in royal duties and being an amazing mother, Princess Diana also made history for her regal style. She was the ultimate trendsetter of her time and made waves in the fashion industry whilst playing muse to many designers, even now. She was famous for her controversial fashion choices and wasn’t afraid to break royal protocols from time to time. Known for staying true to her roots whilst being married into the Royal family, her style evolved with time and age—modest dressing to experimental and daring.

A follower of classics as opposed to trends, Princess Diana had an affinity towards standout, bright colours, sheen textures and elegant silhouettes. She was often photographed in a plethora of sophisticated dresses—well-fitted with sharp tailoring, power suits and ruffled blouses with trousers. But from her envy-inducing wardrobe that comprised the best of designer outfits, the fashion icon was drawn towards 5 trends that never really left the trend charts. Read on for more.

5 trends that Princess Diana was most often spotted donning:

1. Cycling Shorts

What became the rage in 2019 was first made famous by Princess Diana. Her off-duty closet consisted of sweaters, pullovers and trousers but she leaned heavily towards cycling shorts that she teamed with her pullovers. Sunglasses, thick socks and running shoes completed her fuss-free look along with pricey tote bags. Functional and fashionable—she was the ultimate endorser of this equation.

2. Pearls

Coco Chanel once said “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”, and the princess proved just how the right the late fashion connoisseur was. If there was one major fashion takeaway from Princess Diana, it would be that a string of pearls around your neck or in forms of earrings or simply but extravagantly being drenched in them was ensuring sartorial dominance. The princess loved her pearls and knew exactly how to style them.

3. Skirt suits

Princess Diana understood the power of a well-tailored skirt-suit. Although pantsuits are the new-age power suits, she heavily favoured its skirt version. In a variety of iterations, she had a well-tailored skirt suit for almost any occasion. Ensuring that her outfits did most of the talking, she always opted for dainty jewels and accessories to go along with them. If you’re ever wondering how to juxtapose elegance with sophistication, Princess Diana’s stylebook should serve as your guide.

4. Sequins

Larger than life ball gowns, fabrics dipped in embellishments or sometimes heavily embroidered, her evening gowns were nothing short of flamboyance, just like herself. Even while tending to her royal duties, the princess did not shy away from having fun with her outfits. She loved making a statement while being dressed head-to-toe in sequins. Scroll ahead to take a look at three of her striking, heavily sequined dresses.

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5. Classic prints

If she is a style icon, then it’s a no-brainer that she knew the sartorial importance classic prints held. She was a fan of gingham, houndstooth, checks, pinstripes, floral and more and was spotted sporting them often.

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"Then we went off to Balmoral straight from the yatch. Everyone was there to welcome us. And then a realisation set in. My dreams were appalling at night. I dreamt of Camila the whole time. Everyone saw I was getting thinner and thinner and thinner. I was been sicker and sicker and sicker. Basically they thought I could adapt being Princess of Wales overnight. Obsessed by Camila. Totally. Didn't trust him. I thought every five minutes he was ringing her up, asking her how to handle his marriage, dadadada. And all the guests at Balmoral coming to stay just stared at me the whole time. And you know, treated me like glass. As far as I was concerned, I was Diana, and the only difference was people called me ma'am now, Your Royal Highness. They curtsied; that's the only difference. We stayed up there from August October. By October I was about to cut my wrists. I was in a very bad way. It rained and rained and rained. I came down early from Balmoral to seek treatment,  not because I hated Balmoral but because I was in such a bad way. Couldn't sleep didn't eat. The whole world was collapsing around me" -Diana Princess of Wales

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Princess Diana undoubtedly made fashion work for herself instead of the opposite. She looked regal in whatever she wore and is correctly attributed the status of a style icon. Don’t you agree? Tell me what you think the comments below!

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