‘Aashiqui’ Fame Anu Aggarwal Talks About Facing Casting Couch In Bollywood

‘Aashiqui’ Fame Anu Aggarwal Talks About Facing Casting Couch In Bollywood

Avya Sharma

Actor Anu Aggarwal, who shot to fame with Mahesh Bhatts Aashiqui in 1990, recently spoke about being an outsider in Bollywood. She opened about her share of struggles and how she could relate to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s battle.

And now, in a tête-à-tête with Pinkvilla, she has spoken about the existing casting couch in Bollywood. The actor revealed that she didn’t face anything major but a director once came to her house to talk about a role — but with a bottle of whiskey.

Here’s what she said—

One director, a top one, had come to my house citing he has a role for me. He came to my house and took out the whiskey bottle. It was in the afternoon hour, but mere dimag ki batti jal gayi. How can someone come to the house with a bottle of whiskey to tell the story? So I made some reason and had to politely ask him to leave. I told him off. That is what I am trying to say, women always have the choice.

Elaborating on it, she further added—

Even when I used to talk to girls earlier, and they would say this guy tried to hit on me and the whole thing about Bollywood, and the whole Me Too thing, and guys hitting on girls, I just feel guys will hit on girls. I have been getting hit at since I was 13 years old. I had no idea how to handle all this. The point is I feel eventually the girl is the boss unless a guy rapes you or something. Otherwise, the girl has to say yes for a guy to do anything with the girl.

Anu Aggarwal is now gearing up for a Netflix series on her life. I am definitely looking forward to that.