Mrunal Panchaal, Shaurya Sanadhya, Pooja Naarang (Source: Instagram | @mrunu @shauryasanadhya @poojanaarang)
Mrunal Panchal, Shaurya Sanadhya, Pooja Naarang (Source: Instagram | @mrunu @shauryasanadhya @poojanaarang)

This global lockdown really made our lifestyles uncertain and while everyone was forced to stay home, social media platforms acted as our saviour! Talented content creators and influencers created some amazing content to keep everyone entertained. People got a chance to get as creative as they can and this led to the birth of some of the most unique digital challenges one has ever seen! Some social media challenges were so catchy and fun that they instantly went viral.

Check them out here:

1. Don’t Rush Challenge

As a gold mine for creative challenges, Don’t Rush challenge got really famous among the crowd. A person got a brushed passed at them, they start off with a natural look and then completely glam up after momentarily covering the camera with the brush. After that, they would throw the brush at someone else. Many girl gangs around the world tried this challenge. This challenge also gave birth to many different versions of the same challenge, such as Prajakta Kohli‘s ‘pass the pocha‘ challenge, ‘pass the plate‘ challenge and more.

2. Don’t Leave Me Challenge

This is one challenge with hilarious results! It’s all about how lame can your joke be. The basic idea behind this challenge is to share a pun or a horrible joke following it up with ‘Don’t Leave Me’ while running away from the camera. We assure you these videos will have you nodding your head and laughing over it at the same time.

3. The Savage Challenge

As soon as the ‘Savage‘ single dropped, people couldn’t stop shaking a leg to it. However, it just went up a notch when the savage remix was created and the legendary Beyonce was a part of it! People from everywhere took part in the Savage Challenge and did the choreography, which caused this challenge to go viral within hours. Here’s the popular Sonali Bhadauria nailing this challenge.

4. The SuperBowl Challenge

The SuperBowl ceremony featured two legendary singers, JLo and Shakira. Their dance routine, which was choreographed by none other than the Royal Family themselves got viral for its mind-blowing moves. Even famous A-listers took time out to participate like Sanya Malhotra here.

5. Wipe It Down Challenge

TikTok is always coming up with new fun challenges, This Wipe It Down challenge is super simple and entertaining. Basically the video starts with someone wearing one outfit and as soon as they wipe down the mirror, their attire is completely transformed! Isn’t Lilly Singh totally nailing it?

6. Beauty Mode Challenge

A trending challenge like this is what keeps boredom at bay! During this lockdown, we have been in our pyjamas all day, so TikTokers came up with a bright new challenge. There was a sound on TikTok called ‘Beauty Mode‘ and people used it to transform their looks just like Aanam Chashmawalla is in this post!

7. Vogue Challenge

The Vogue challenge went absolutely viral in India and internationally as well since it gave budding fashionistas and makeup artists a chance to showcase their creativity. Everyone had their own take on how the cover should, hence we got to see so many amazing ideas. Check out the above post where we’ve consolidated our favourite renditions of the challenge.

8. Pillow Challenge

Joining the bandwagon of bizarre but eye-catching trends was the iconic pillow challenge. Everyone from Anne Hathway to Tamannaah Bhatia participated in this challenge and it gained huge popularity. Wish to try it yourself? Grab a pillow, put a designer belt around it and get ready to click some fun pictures!

9. Oh Na Na Challenge

This popular and catchy song was a major reason why this dance challenge gained so much momentum. It’s a crazy quirky routine which will leave you feeling like a dancing pro!

10. Drop Challenge

Shaggy’s new track ‘Banana‘ is what inspired the popular Drop challenge. This song became fairly special to the content creator community and so many people tried the Drop challenge with quirky sunglasses and fun moves.

11. Dalgona Coffee Challenge

If you haven’t tried the Dalgona coffee challenge then you are surely living under a rock! This coffee type became fairly popular on TikTok and slowly the trend was seen on all social media channels. People created interesting versions of Dalgona coffee and also created YouTube videos and tutorials on it. Here’s our content head, Karishma Govil succumbing to the trend! Go try this coffee today, and don’t forget to click a picture!

12. ‘Who is More’ Challenge

A really fun challenge to do with your friends, siblings or even parents! You will find some super fun and quirky questions in the challenge and we assure you, it will be a lot of fun.

These fun challenges are really keeping us entertained during the lockdown! You too can get creative and start a cool new trend or challenge on various social media platforms. Which idea out of these was your favourite? Let us know in comments below!

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