'Karan Is A Broken Man' - A Close Friend Talks About How Karan Johar Has Been Dealing With The Social Media Hate

Pallavi Manoj , 07 Jul 2020

Karan Johar (Source: Instagram | @karanjohar)

We have always known Dharma Productions’ head honcho, director-producer Karan Johar as someone who is never afraid to speak his mind. But he has always been a target for trolls and hate no matter what the reason, whether it is for his controversial statements or as social media now likes to call it, the face of nepotism. But he has always managed to take the hate he has received in stride. But now, things are different.

For those unaware, Karan Johar and many Bollywood star kids and biggies were under direct fire of online hate after Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death. Many on social media pointed fingers at nepotism in the industry as one of the reasons for Sushant to take such a drastic step. KJo, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, and many others also went on to lose a lot of followers on social media following this. Most of them have now even restricted comments on their Instagram posts and deleted their Twitter accounts because of the brutal amount of hate comments that they are getting.

According to a recent report in Bollywood Hungama, Karan is broken after having received so much hate after Sushant’s demise. A close friend of the producer-director revealed to the website that he has never been more affected by trolls than he is now. He had always thought he had developed thick skin after being a target for trolls for years, but the brutal hatred he had to face this time has left him shattered and affected his health. Karan is a broken man, his friend said. This time around he is affected because those close to him are being pulled into this. His 3-year-old twins have been receiving death threats and someone like Ananya Pandey who has nothing to do with this is receiving comments that are asking her to commit suicide to compensate for Sushant’s death.

When asked whether Karan would be making a comment anytime soon his friend said he is in no condition to speak and that it wasn’t a very pleasant experience to speak to him because Karan always breaks down when talking on the phone and asks what he has done to deserve this.

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