It is famously said that when in doubt, dance it out! Dance is one of the most popular forms of art in the world and millions of people take it up as their hobby or a full-time profession. India being such a culturally rich country, you’ll find talented dancers in every street of the city. However, there are a few popular dancers who are known to bring their A-game every time they tap their feet and they’re so good, they set your Instagram feed on fire! If you live, love and breath dance then you may as well start following these Instagram accounts now!

Here they are:

1. Himanshu Dulani

Everyone who’s fond of Hip-Hop and Urban dance styles knows Himanshu Dulani. He is popular for his quick movements and mind-blowing footwork. The kind of songs he picks up for his dance routines are quirky and loved by everyone!

2. Cornel and Rithika

This internationally recognised duo will bring all of Latin straight to your house! Cornel and Rithika are amazing bachata dancers (a Latin form of dance) and have represented India in numerous international dance festivals. The couple has garnered so much love over the period of time that they frequently take classes internationally as well in India. Check out their handle for some eye-catching styling tips and Bachata footwork.

3. Sonali Bhadauria

A software engineer turned dancer, Sonali decided to quit her job and follow her passion for dance. Her effort and skills paid off as she currently is one of the most famous dancers on Instagram with more than 500k followers. She has her YouTube channel as well.

4. Nicole Concessao

A dancer, choreographer and a YouTuber in one—no wonder Nicole gathered so many followers in such a short period of time. This insanely talented dancer is also a part of the famous dance crew ‘Team Naach‘. Her Bollywood choreographies and facial expressions can steal our heart!

5. Sonal Devraj

The other half of ‘Team Naach‘, Sonal’s gusto and energy-filled routines often set the stage on fire! She has collaborated with multiple content creators, dancers and Bollywood celebrities as well.

6. Akansha Sharma

Apart from dance, if there is one thing you can learn from her is her killer swag! Even in a room full of dancers, you will not be able to take your eyes off her. Even though she has her own YouTube channel, Akansha is extremely active on Instagram and also takes regular live classes for her students and fans.

7. Shakti Mohan

Having danced in various reality shows, Shakti is a popular name in the dance and TV industry. Since the day she won Dance India Dance season 2, Shakti has been receiving an immense amount of love from her fans. She has also collaborated with the famous international dance icon Matt Steffanina on the popular song ‘Saki Saki‘. That video instantly got viral!

8. Aadil Khan

Aadil is one of the most dynamic content creators we know! Not only is he a great actor, but he is also a fabulous dancer. His routines are full of energy and they are not too complex to learn. Solely due to this reason, thousands of people are able to learn his choreographies from watching him regularly on Instagram!

9. Svetana Kanwar

Founder of the dynamic all-girls dance crew the BOM Squad, Svetana is the queen of Jazz. she and her team have collaborated with various celebrities like Monica Dogra and many more. The BOM squad represents itself as a bunch of quirky, sexy and strong ladies who represent many moods of a woman. They are an all-female squad excelling in the Jazz dance form. Today, they teach Jazz in multiple studio facilities across Mumbai and inspire thousands of girls while they are at it!  On average, each of their Instagram videos approximately has more than 40k views!

10. Anisha Babbar

Healthcare consultant by the day and dancer/choreographer at night, Anisha has trained for over 10 years! Her speciality lies in creating kickass dance routines on Hindi remixes and teaching them to her national and international students. As a citizen of the US, she has taken various workshops in Los Angeles and California.

11. Shazeb Shaikh

We can assure you, Shazeb Shaikh is one of the smoothest dancers we are aware of! It’s the easy-going vibe that he creates in class that takes everyone by surprise. Even though he has a YouTube channel, he prefers connecting with people over Instagram and posts most of his videos and routines on the latter medium only. Since his smooth choreographers are so relaxing to watch, on an average every video has more than 30k views.

12. Piyush Bhagat

Bollywood dancing stars like Varun Dhavan, Tiger Shroff and even Hritik Roshan himself have all danced and collaborated with the 22-year-old Piyush Bhagat! Known for his crazy good moves, he can turn any song into a dance number. His partner Shazia and himself have choreographed with almost all B-Town celebs. His videos on Instagram will surely have you drooling over his charming features and impossibly good movements.

13. Proneeta Swargiary

Proneeta is the queen of sexy moves! As a reality dance show winner, she is extremely confident about her dance form and her styling is always on point. Apart from being a talented dancer, Proneeta also creates amazing content on her Instagram page.

These dancers have surely stolen our heart! Not just with their killer moves but also with the quirky and timely content they create. Which one out of our list would you love to share the stage with? Let us know in comments below.

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