Sheer Outfits, Aashna Shroff & Alanna Panday | (Source: Instagram | @aashnashroff, @alannapanday)
Sheer Outfits, Aashna Shroff & Alanna Panday | (Source: Instagram | @aashnashroff, @alannapanday)

We all have heard the saying less is more when it comes to fashion. However, does this apply to the opacity of our clothes as well? Summer and monsoon season bring out the short, loose, and let’s face it, sheer items. The drop in fabric and transparency lead to the vast sheer outfits we see on the racks and donned on trendsetters. It is an extremely trendy looking style but can be super challenging to wear without feeling naked. The fashion trend includes anything and everything transparent to semi-transparent, ranging from lace, crochet, organza, chiffon, to unlined dresses.

Not a recent craze, the early ‘90s saw Rihanna in a mesh gown for the CFDA Awards, and who can forget Kate Moss’s iconic transparent slip dress. However, not everyone feels as confident as these Hollywood stars to pull off the look. Despite the popularity, the thought of going out with lingerie visible may seem daunting. But, it is time to push away those thoughts and transform your mindset. There are many ways to make sheer clothes wearable without feeling bare. The key is to find a sartorial balance between chic and sensual and work with strategic layering. Moreover, even the modest fashionistas can play with this trend to create several combinations that don’t require skin-show. For inspiration, we have put together some examples that showcase the best ways to rock sheer like nobody’s business!

Scroll below for 5 fun ways to wear sheer outfits:

1. Classic Shirt

A popular piece in the sheer trend is a minimalist buttoned-up oxford shirt. To look elegant in this, avoid going for loud colours and choose to pair it with a black or white inner. Aashna Shroff’s all-white outfit ranges in opacity from the top being entirely translucent, to a more layered skirt. She has kept it simple and created contrast by wearing a black bra top beneath her white shirt. Moreover, keeping the colours constant, she has accessorized with a Dior black belt-bag and block heels of the same hue. We love the end result of a sophisticated and chic look, worthy of the runway.

2. Knit Skirt

For those more daring, show off your summer body with a bikini and mesh duo. This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of your favourite swimwear. Roshni Bhatia is channelling her bohemian beach babe vibe in a black open-weave skirt with fringe details. Paired with a black strapless bikini, this outfit can double up as a beach cover-up, or simply as a fun holiday OOTD. To make the look more complete, she accessorizes with a straw hat, a silver chunky tribal neckpiece, and a beautiful emerald green jacket which helps to balance the coverage. Nail two trends in one look—boho-chic and sheer!

3. Embroidered Dress

Make a style statement in a beautifully decorated sheer dress such as the one worn by Natasha Luthra. For those more conservative, a sheer fabric which is busy with embellishments on them tend to give an illusion of more coverage, while creating visual interest. Natasha’s nude sheer cape dress is busy with details, which gives a less exposed feel to the entire look. Additionally, for a classier touch, she has swapped the lingerie for a fitted nude pink slip dress and topped it off with some killer heels. This is a great way to make your sheer outfit wearable for a more formal occasion.

4. Sheer Saree

An unusual combination, however, fashion influencer Komal Pandey shows us how to make it work. Most saree’s come in sheer fabrics such as chiffon or organza, hence this trick is a great alternative to the conventional blouse. Komal has swapped hers for a sheer kurta jacket which is very similar in shade and material to her saree. For a variation in colour, she has paired a pale-yellow bikini beneath, and left a few buttons open for a touch of sexy! Note how she has selected a mellow colour for her inner instead of going for something bright which may look garish. Take inspiration from Komal, and go bold with your make-up and jewellery instead to de-emphasize the other elements. We think this look is definitely experimenting worth!

5. Flared Lace Pants

If you are rocking one colour from top to bottom, a sheer style can be used to add some texture. Alanna Panday looks like a dream in an all-white ensemble. While her crochet boob-top comes with a slip beneath, it is the lace detailed flared pants that are a show-stealer. The trick is to find a hack that will allow you to carry off this beauty with confidence and grace. A nude or flesh-toned high-waist underwear would work as a pairing beneath to camouflage with the rest of your body. Moreover, this helps to merge all the components of the outfit, resulting in no single component being eye-catching. Alanna’s entire outfit is seamless and appealing to the eye without being overwhelming. Let’s not forget the white Cult Gaia bag, which is the perfect addition!

Do you own a lot of sheer outfits? Let us know in the comments below how you choose to wear them.

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