After Being Replaced By A Young Actor, TV Actor Kanwaljit Singh Calls Out Authorities For Not Letting Senior Actors To Shoot

Avya Sharma , 10 Jul 2020
Kanwaljit Singh (Source: Instagram | @kanwaljit19)
Kanwaljit Singh (Source: Instagram | @kanwaljit19)

The Maharashtra government has given a green signal to resume shooting. However, according to a new rule by the Central Government, those above the age of 65 will not be allowed at the sets. This rule comes out of fearing Covid-19 contraction. This guideline didn’t go down well with senior tv actor Kanwaljit Singh. Speaking to an entertainment portal he revealed that he was replaced by a younger actor for an OTT show due to the new SOP. He expressed his disappointment and said that there are people above the age of 65 who need to earn a livelihood.

The veteran actor who is quite popular on television and has appeared in a number of movies added that he had even rented an apartment near the shooting area to ensure safety but now the efforts have gone in vain.

Talking to Film Information, the senior actor said—

So what do actors like me do? Hang up our boots? How can I be asked NOT to work? “I had decided that I won’t travel daily from home to Mira Road and back but will rather stay there with my staff, for which I had even rented a place.

The actor also spoke about how many people have chosen to take their own lives due to the lack of work in these trying times. He also questioned the government as to how can they stop the actors from working. He concluded by asking that will the authorities will wake up when a senior actor dies by suicide due to being out of work.

The actor was quoted saying—

I have nothing against the new actor or the channel. But this rule needs to be changed. Otherwise, what will the hundreds of actors like me do? We are fond of working, we love our work, how can the government stop us? Will the authorities wake up when one senior actor, in depression for being out of work, commits suicide?

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