5 Dark Comedies On Netflix You Should Watch Next

Suruchi Patwary , 13 Jul 2020
A Still From The Land Of Steady Habits And A Serious Man (Source: Instagram | @benmendelsohnfan, @watchingduo)
A Still From The Land Of Steady Habits And A Serious Man (Source: Instagram | @benmendelsohnfan, @watchingduo)

Now that we’re working from home, we’ve got more time on our hands to binge-watch! And if you’re a fan of Netflixing all day but don’t know what to watch next, we’ve got some recommendations for you. This one’s specially curated for those who’re a fan of the twisted humour—dark comedy genre. The humour in dark comedies is kinda messed up but still hilarious in its own way. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the said type, then scroll down to check out some interesting recommendations below.

1. A Serious Man

Directed By: Ethan CoenJoel Coen (The Coen Brothers)

If it’s a Coen Brothers movie, you know it’s gonna be a good one! A Serious Man stars Michael Stuhlbarg as a Jewish physics professor in this one who is facing a double dilemma—his wife moving out and his deadbeat brother moving in. And when he finds out someone is trying to ruin his chances of tenure, he sets out to seek help from three different rabbis in the hopes of getting his life back on the right track.

2. Other People

Directed By: Chris Kelly

In this dark comedy, Jesse Plemons plays the role of David—a gay comedy writer. He has returned home to aid his mother who’s in the initial stages of leiomyosarcoma. And while he deals with his mother’s health, he also has to contend with his family—a conservation one. Even though he’s already come out to his family 10 years ago, they still have to accept his sexual orientation.

3. The Lobster

Directed By: Yorgos Lanthimos

In this hilariously weird movie, single people are given a time frame of just 45 days to find themselves a romantic partner—if they fail to do so, they get turned into animals! And to make it even funnier, Colin Farrell stars in this one as a newly single man who is out on a desperate search for a partner. He soon meets Rachel Weisz who, too, is on a similar mission.

4. The Land Of Steady Habits

Directed By: Nicole Holofcener

This movie is actually based on a novel by Ted Thompson of the same name! It’s about a wealthy financier played by Ben Mendelsohn who is looking to get a new lease on life and in the hopes of it retires from his job and leaves his wife. But then, it all goes downhill when he befriends his son’s friend Charlie who takes him down a path of reckless and regrettable behaviour.

5. Catfight

Directed By: Onur Tukel

Our all-time favourite Sandra Oh stars in this one along with Anne Heche! They’re both former college besties who happen to reconnect many years later at a cocktail party. But both these women have been holding onto some unresolved and unvoiced issues all this time and it all bursts out in a brawl!

Which one of these dark comedies do you plan to watch first? Let us know in the comments below.

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