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Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen (Source: Instastory | @asopacharu)

Last year was dominated by the lovey-dovey pictures and videos from Sushmita Sen‘s brother Rajeev Sen and actress Charu Asopa‘s wedding celebrations. But unfortunately, if reports across the internet are anything to go by, runs out not all is well. Earlier this year, there were many reports that suggested that the two had secretly split and were not staying together anymore. To add fuel to the fire, both of them also ended up deleting their adorable wedding pictures from their Instagram. Naturally, many took this as proof that not all was well after all.

Back in June, when Rajeev gave an interview, he suggested that he had come to Delhi for some work and people thought just because of that there was trouble in his married life. But in a recent interview, he refused to confirm or deny anything but simply said that he was in a happy space.

Now in his latest interview with ETimes, he brushed off reports that he had moved out of his own home in Mumbai asking why he would move out of his own house. He revealed that he can’t stop laughing at these claims and said that he had three homes one in Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai. Talking about his wife, he added that he thinks someone close to Charu is brainwashing her because she is a simple and innocent girl. He quipped that it must be someone from her so-called huge friend circle. He also wished that she doesn’t lose her path. He ended on a note that warned the one who was brainwashing his wife by saying if he found out who it was he would make sure to put out the name and photo of the person with a lot of facts. He said, “If they’re going to hit me, I’m going to hit them harder.”

Over the weekend, Charu had confirmed to SpotBoye that Rajeev had moved out but she still stays in the same place that they used to.  In an earlier report in Bombay Times, a source close to the couple had revealed that they always had compatibility issues since the beginning but things got worse when Rajeev left for Delhi. The source said the two haven’t been in touch since then. Charu dropped Rajeev’s surname from social media and he apparently blocked her from all channels of communication.

We hope the couple can try and sort out their differences.