Its has only been a few weeks since Instagram launched their all-new Reels feature and we’re already seeing so many people creating some amazing content using this platform. Reels is a short-form video content feature that Instagram started testing in India. Many digital creators and influencers took this as an opportunity to create some unique videos and entertain their audience. With Reels receiving so much appreciation, it is defo gathering immense popularity in just a couple of weeks. Here are a few creators whose Reels we found really interesting and out of the box.

Check them out here:

1. Aashna Hegde

Aashna really nails the transitions in her videos and is known for creating witty and relatable content. Her Reels are always so much fun to watch!

2. Aadil Khan

We are all about his videos! Catch Aadil Khan shake a leg with the boss lady Miss Malini in one of our favourite videos of all time.

3. Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan is known for his witty content that often leaves people in a fit of giggles. He gave Instagram Reels a try and honestly, we couldn’t stop admiring his editing skills and laughing at his funny character at the same time.

4. Saransh Goila

He really knows how to add the perfect song to the Reel and amp up his humour game. We love to watch his witty reels with a funny twist

5. Arjun Kanungo

Apart from being a talented musician, Arjun is also loved for his charming personality and killer sense of style. This Reel had everyone gushing over him all over again!

6. Jahnavi Dasetty a.k.a Mahathalli

Here’s what Jahnavi had to say about Reels,

I was excited to be amongst the first few in Hyderabad to try out Instagram Reels. I always shared a lot of my content on Instagram, and now it seems I can make and share a lot more Telugu entertaining content on the platform. This will be fun!

7. Shereen Sikka

How happy do her Reels make you? Shereen really knows how to brighten up someone’s day through her content. We bet everyone is excited to see some more creative content from her.

8. Radhika Bangia

She has already managed to make Reels a very entertaining platform for all of us with her relatable content. Radhika was one of the first people to start using Instagram Reels and we love how she is coming up with some cool ideas to connect with the user community.

9. Ammy Virk

Here’s what Ammy had to say about Reels,

Instagram just got lit for me with Reels. Creativity and expression should be fluid across platforms, and I’m glad to host mine on Reels now. I’m excited about this snappy immersive video experience and the wider chance of being discovered by Instagram’s diverse community in Punjab and beyond, considering the dedicated space on Explore.

10. Unnati Malharkar

Watching the Reel that Unnati shared about the popular content creators group ‘Damn Fam‘ is the most heartwarming thing ever. The adorable clips, the beautiful song and all the happy faces are melting our hearts!

11. Manav Chhabra AKA. Mr Mnv

Manav aka Mr. Mnv is a popular digital creator who has collaborated with various celebrities as well as content creators in the past. He posts some super cool Reels of him showing us some awesome moves and nailing the Bollywood vibe.

12. Nikunj Lotia AKA. BeYouNick

Here’s what Nick had to say about Reels,

I am super excited to be on Reels. I have already shot several videos by now and have uploaded them and the response has been really good! One thing that I love about Reels is that it lets you share your content on the explore page which can help you quite a lot with the discovery of your content and also bring inward traffic. For all the budding creators, I am gonna tell you just one thing – Start! Just start making your content and uploading it and make sure while you’re at it, you enjoy the process and have fun yourself because the audience can always tell when you’re having fun or when you’re nervous! So yes, just start and enjoy!

13. Abhi And Niyu

Here’s what Abhi & Niyu had to say about Reels,

Our experience on Reels so far is interesting. It is a new platform and we are learning as we go. We’re seeing some interesting content on Reels and are using this time to learn from other creators. The best tip we have is to stay true to your content. Don’t follow trends but find your own niche.

14. Ssunny Chopra

This Instagram Reel is really making us miss hanging out with our friends so much! Ssunny is known for his humorous content, the more you see this video the funnier it gets.

15. Awez Darbar

Featured multiple times for his amazing dance moves, Awez is regularly collaborating with various dancers and artists to create some killer dance routines. He has also had a chance to shake a leg with the dynamic dancer and actress Nora Fatehi in the past!

16. Ronit Ashra

Ronit’s reels are the epitome of funny content! You will ROFLing once you see him mimicking celebrities with incredible accuracy.

17. Krutika a.k.a @themermaidscales

Widely popular for her excellent makeup skills and dramatic pictures, her beautiful Reels really showcase her talent and excellence.

18. Avneet Kaur

Famous for her role as Jasmin in the daily soap Alladin, watching Avneet’s reel will brighten up your day. She surely looks beautiful and effortless in front of the screen!

19. Ashish Bisht

We personally loved his Reels not only because they are funny nature but also because Ashish really nails the transitions and editing.

20. Chef Kirti Bhoutika

Here’s what Chef Kirti Bhoutika had to say about Reels,

Instagram Reels is short, sweet and captivating. Precisely what Instagram is about. It’s a fun way of reaching out to audiences who’re more attuned to watching short form videos; so a great opportunity there. I’m posting about everything food – quick recipes, plating, food hacks, cake decorating. With two of my videos crossing millions of plays on Reels already, i’m now going to focus more on cake decorating videos because those are my best performing videos, not many Indian chefs do it

These reels are really gaining momentum and rightly so, we can’t wait to watch more awesome ones that people create! Which one out of the list was your favourite? Tell us in comments below.

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