The days of incessant showers are here which also means that its time to revamp our wardrobes. Staples with thick fabrics and long hemlines need to be switched for lighter materials and raised hemlines. Well, it’s a no-brainer that with a new season come new trends. However, that doesn’t mean you need to step out to shop, or in today’s case, shop online. Lucky for us, monsoons require minimal sartorial effort given the fact that we possess more than half the trends one must embrace during the rains. Wondering how to take your wardrobe for a spin with some inspiration? Ahead, we give you a list of trends that will help you be on top of your monsoon-dressing game!

1. Mini dresses

Give a break to dresses with ankle-length hemlines and opt for shorter ones instead. Knee-length or a little above, go with what feels right. Babydoll dresses to bodycon numbers; shift dresses to wrap-arounds, there’s a variety to pick from. Wear them as it is or layer them with cardigans or jackets to up the chic factor, mini dresses will take you through the season stylishly.

2. Light fabrics

The beauty of this season is that it will pour when you least expect it and sometimes bring in such strong winds that umbrellas will be of no help. To not worsen the situation when there’s likely a chance to get wet, is to skip out on heavy fabrics for lighter ones. This will help you dry off faster and save you from all the hassle that follows later. Lighter fabrics also pave the way to layer your garments, thus helping you make a statement with ease.

3. Shorts

Opting for shorts in the rains needs not much thinking. The short hemline of the silhouette is the first thing that makes it into a mandatory monsoon trend (well, not really, but you get what I’m saying). And the fact that shorts are a perfect equation of chic + playful is another reason to sport them, in monsoons or in any other season!

4. Dark colours

There are two important reasons to opt for clothes with dark hues during the rains. Firstly, they’ll help you hide muddy stains, which none of us can escape. Secondly, light-coloured clothes have a chance to put your inners on display in a situation where you can’t escape from getting wet in the rains.

5. Bicycle shorts

The trend that has been showered with love and hate in equal amounts can make you question whether to sport it or not. In the end, however, it all comes down to how you wear it. But all things aside, bicycle shorts will take you through the rains with comfort and ease. Just make sure you style it well and you’ll make a statement, too!

Told you, didn’t we? You probably already own all these pieces in your wardrobe! But do tell us which trend is your most favourite in the comments below.

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