Pastoe Fall/Winter 20-21 | (Source: Instagram | @maisonvalentino, @dinnerbeforedior)
Pastoe Fall/Winter 20-21 | (Source: Instagram | @maisonvalentino, @dinnerbeforedior)

If you like to stay ahead of trends and be updated on fashion’s 101, then you must be familiar with Fashion Snoops. They are famous for giving one a better understanding of the fashion to come and upcoming shifts in the industry. Vice President, Melissa Moylan, recently released a trend report for the upcoming year. One of them being Pastoe, the predicted trend for Fall/Winter 20-21 season. To understand better, Pastoe is derived from Dutch modern heritage. Its key cultural influences are inspired by minimalism, ceramic artwork, simplistic furniture design and a form that follows a functional design aesthetic.

To identify Pastoe through its colours, focus on the ‘70s era and terracotta hues such as rust red, golden yellow, retro orange, and olive green. Moreover, shades of brown and beige are included that add a lighter character. From a graphic perspective, we see a more abstract take on checks, stripes and dots that are reminiscent of previous eras. Mixing it up further in the equation are modest geometrics, floral muses and assortments of patches. These colours and patterns are then translated onto lengthened silhouettes of overcoats, tunics, blazers, midi dress’s, culottes, pleated skirts, turtlenecks and slouchy pants. Furthermore, the Pastoe trend also includes the famous Dutch denim in the form of high-waisted jeans and utility jackets.

To illustrate further, let’s dig deeper and have a look at 6 fashion pieces that are part of the narrative:

1. Pleated Skirts

In Pastoe’s minimalist approach, we see mid-length, pleated skirts as a significant fashion piece. As seen in this retro orange Maison Valentino skirt, knife pleats are a highlighting factor along with the length at a midi hemline. A full shape skirt serves well to refresh your wardrobe between seasons. Moreover, pairing with an equally vivid shade from the assigned palette allows you to model the trend from head-to-toe.

2. Midi Dress

Another addition to this trend with long layers, long sleeves and a midi-length is a fitted dress. The silhouette of a slim shape with contrast trim is an evident style influence. The pictured Hermès dress is a suitable example of a simple style that is updated with full sleeves and the use of mixed media to create contrast via patches of leather over the shoulder and sleeve cuffs. Furthermore, the neutral beige colour adds a lightness to the overall look with suede tall boots contributing to the craft’s quality.

3. Blazer

With long lines being a major element of the Pastoe trend, we see slightly over-sized blazers as part of the movement. This Agnona blazer in a chocolate brown shade, perfectly explains the key characteristics of strong boxy shoulders with leather lapels. The slim elongated fit of the blazer further enhances the need for a lengthened silhouette and works well layered over a fitted inner. Keeping in line with the slouchy vibe and minimalist look, this can be styled with any of the other Pastoe key items such as the pleated skirt, mid-rise pants or cropped jeans.

4. Slouchy Pants

When it comes to the realm of pants, a relaxed slouchy fit that is mid-rise and sits on the hips is the primary style. Elongating the legs further is the excess fabric that extends beyond the ankle. These Salvatore Ferragamo bottoms are the perfect illustration of the Pastoe slouchy pants trend that draws its colour from the terracotta hues. Additionally, material selection plays a vital role where we see the use of corduroy or similar plush fabrics.

5. Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are always a fashionable alternative to regular tops during the cooler season. In mock, or full neck style, the Pastoe Fall/Winter 20-21 trend instils this as a key item as well. Moreover, a fitted, rib-knit turtleneck is a good companion to the blazer and coats that are essentials for the season. We see the pictured Chloe turtleneck in a typical orange and brown geometric pattern which is part of the Pastoe graphic and colour mood. Note the pairing of a fitted top with slouchy bottoms in dark brown hues which form the fundamentals of this trend.

6. Cropped Jeans

Since the Netherlands is famous for its denim innovation, we see it integrated into Pastoe in the form of jeans and jackets. The relaxed fit is a recurring factor in this trend, where jeans are comfortable, and of a straight-leg and high-rise fitting. The length remains above the ankle with a high-low, hem detail. As seen in this high-waist cropped denim by Chloe, the light brown of the pants and white thread of the topstitching creates a contrast. This is another distinctive feature of this particular style.

What is your favourite piece from the Pastoe trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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