If there is one thing the world needs today, it’s positivity. Currently, everyone is experiencing a different phase in their lives and being positive is the only thing that will keep us all going. Recently Malini Agarwal had a delightful conversation with the popular content creator and entrepreneur Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a. BeerBiceps. They spoke about various interesting concepts like life, the universe and most importantly, the power of manifestation and positivity. Check it out!

Power of Social Media

Due to the lockdown, we are spending most of our time on social media. Follower count, the number of likes, comments etc. have started mattering a lot, which in turn is taking a toll on our mental health. Ranveer candidly shared that even he has gone through that phase of insecurity and nervousness where he airbrushed his pictures, kept worrying about numbers and much more. However, working towards getting past this superficial layer of social media and building your confidence as well as other’s is what matters. As Malini rightly said,

We must learn be to be good on social media and not good at social media

The relevance of the content you create

Various fitness influencers or content creators tend to shy away from relevant topics like PCOS, or anything related to the women’s reproductive system. According to Ranveer, topics like these and many others are very relevant to the audience and talking about them tends to have a positive impact on people. It’s the responsibility of this upcoming generation to normalise topics like periods, PCOS, physicality etc. so that women do not feel awkward.

Positive Masculinity

Reading about cases like the Locker Room Talk makes us realise how important is it to normalise conversations about sex among teenagers. Parents should responsibly sensitise their children about multiple concepts that should not be joked about. As Ranveer rightly said, that avoiding this conversation with your children, will lead to toxic masculinity. Not only influencers,  but every individual should be talking about this to spread more and more awareness. Here’s what Ranveer has to say,

Your thoughts are the outcome of all the conversations you end up having.

Spirituality and manifestation

As great believers in spirituality, Malini and Ranveer strongly believe that the current global situation is nature’s way of telling us to slow down. Urban humans tend to be too hard on themselves which leads to issues like exhaustion, burn-out, stress and much more. Moreover, this can impact you mentally, so it’s vital for you to take a break and get some perspective. According to Malini, if you look at the positive side of it, this lockdown has led influencers and individuals to be more authentic and real in terms of creating content. As a staunch believer in spirituality, Ranveer highly recommends a change of lifestyle. According to him, the global situation is something we should learn from and start new positive practices like ‘sustainable living‘ to prevent a similar calamity from taking place. As an influencer, you have a huge platform to put out a positive message and impact thousands of people.

Everyone’s got their own evolutionary path, but simple practices of positivity can have a huge impact on multiple people. This conversation really was eye-opening and extremely interesting too. Check it out here if you haven’t yet!

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