‘A Producer Told Me To Get Botox For My Laughter Lines’ — Kalki Koechlin

‘A Producer Told Me To Get Botox For My Laughter Lines’ — Kalki Koechlin

Shubanka Sridhar


Bollywood has, for most part, been built on regressive beauty standards. Flawless skin, perfect teeth and hair and the 6-pack abs have been the way beauty has been perceived by our society for the longest time. Now, things are slowly changing, and people are breaking out of the mould to accept their true selves. But it’s been a long journey to get here.

Kalki Koechlin recently opened up about how now, things are changing, but that she has also been subject to such prejudices in her career. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Kalki talks about how she has been asked to get Botox.

She says:

I remember some classic things that were said to me. One producer told me to get botox done for my laugh lines. So then I stopped laughing after that, I became very serious. I’ve had like a lot of…how would I say…attention given to my big teeth. [I’ve faced] trolling about my big bugs bunny teeth. But I feel I’ve thankfully learnt to get over that. It’s very important that you don’t put everything into other people’s opinions, because then you’ll just get swayed one way or the other.

How true, right? Always got to love Kalki for saying it like it is!

She also spoke about the system that is followed in the industry, how Bollywood is a business, and that how how mainstream films still showcase toxic masculinity.