During this day and age, we are spending most of our time on digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube. There are so many people out there creating new creative content every day and influencing thousands of people, but how will you stand out? how will you grow your brand? BeerBiceps a.k.a the popular content creator and entrepreneur Ranveer Allahbadia is here to tell you just that! On 17th July, 4:00 PM, Ranveer conducted a detailed masterclass with Malini’s Girl Tribe on the Zoom app, which was also live on Malini’s Girl Tribe Facebook Page.

Check out all the interesting tips he gave us…

What are the few things that people tend to forget but should be given importance to?

Life is never going to perfect in terms of schedule, no matter what traditionally people say. Just hang on to one particular habit and it can be anything from Yoga to Dancing. It is important to give half an hour to one hour to it every day and it has to be something you enjoy. The same rule applies to your career, you have to follow the discipline you have learnt while doing your favourite activity while working towards your career as well.

In terms of content creation, how do you know where your expertise lies?

There are two ways, either you make content about something you know a lot about or are studying/reading a lot about. The other way is to just start and then tweak your content as you go. When you start, you experiment a lot and that’s the actual key. You also shoud not worry about what others think and try and be confident with your self and your content.

How does one break through the clutter?

The harder but the effective way is to study about things in real life, that’s what helps in fueling your content. Knowledge and knowing something that others don’t know is an easy way to stand out but requires some extra effort from your end. The other way is to ask yourself as an audience, what would you like to see online that’s notbalredy there? and create that!

What should you know before starting up something new?

Always partner up to launch a start-up. Partner up with someone who adds value. Understand your weaknesses and find someone who can fill that space up, or find someone with a particular talent that you require for your business.

Key Takeaways

These key takeaways from Ranveer will surely help anyone who is trying to grow their brand on social media

  1. Put yourself out there and be candid with your audience. The more you share with them the better connect they will have with you.
  2. Start early on networking platforms like LinkedIn, It is a great medium to connect with people and seek out new collaborations.
  3. If you want to grow on social media or generate inspiring content, get into the habit of writing down your ideas. This practice will also help you maintain a great idea bank.
  4. While working on podcasts or videos, focus on the quality of the audio, better sound always helping in attracting the audience’s attention
  5. Its is absolutely important to understand your working pattern and notice if it is impacting on your mental health. Practise taking a break, things like going on a short vacation or even a good night’s sleep can help you rejuvenate.
  6. Always keep learning, read new books, meet new entrepreneurs, have new conversations. This will help you get different perspectives, which in turn will help you understand your industry in a better manner.  Don’t worry about what you don’t know, but its important to start learning right away.

This conversation had been indeed so interactive as well as insightful and we are sure that it helped every single person that attended it. Join Malini’s Girl Tribe to watch the entire video and witness many such masterclasses and fun events with your girl gang. Tell us what you think about these tips in comments below!

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