Exclusive: 'Hip Hop Allows You To Express What You Would Never Be Able To In Life' - SlowCheeta

Kavisha Mody , 20 Jul 2020
Bada Ghar Chota Ladak (Source: Chaitanya Sharma aka. Slow Cheeta)
Bada Ghar Chota Ladak (Source: Chaitanya Sharma aka. Slow Cheeta)

Rap has a wide audience in India and the fanbase is only growing bigger by the day. Popular rapper Chaitnya Sharma, widely known as ‘SlowCheeta‘ dropped his new track ‘Bada Ghar Chota Ladka‘ a few days back and it’s fire! The track is a beautiful expression of everything that he experienced but never spoke about, which he meaningfully penned down and shared with his audience. Check out all the details about the track right here!

What is ‘Bada Ghar Chota Ladka‘ all about?

SlowCheeta is widely recognised for his top hits like ‘Make It Happen‘ or ‘To The Top‘, and for his amazing work in Zoya Akhtar’s blockbuster film ‘Gully Boy‘. His new track is all about the kind of prejudices he has faced in his life and every other experience that he couldn’t speak about before. The lyrics of the new track are all about how people kept questioning his work, his decision to become a rapper and how he struggled through it all and emerged as a successful artist. The music video brings about the beautiful contrast of ‘Bada Ghar’ and ‘Chota Ladka’ through its eye-catching visuals, witty comic-timing and smart storytelling. We absolutely cannot stop vibing with the track and gushing over its video. Check out a small snippet from the video right here!

What we think of the track…

This groovy track has already garnered immense love from his fans, appreciation on social media handles and has already crossed 27k views on YouTube. It was also lovely to see Shweta Tripathi do a cameo in the track. Back in 2018, we saw him rocking this song on the popular reality show MTV Hustle and we are overjoyed that the music video is out now for the world to see! Moreover, SlowCheeta also collaborated with his long-term friend and dancer Himanshu Dulani and created a dance cover for his track. The fans absolutely loved it and we can’t seem to get over it either! Here it is…

Here’s what Chaitnya has to say,

BGCL is a track that is very close to my heart. Hip hop allows you to express in a track what you would never be able to in life. This track talks about the preconceived notions people have about me.
Prejudiced opinions, assumptions that because I have certain luxuries I have had no problems in life and hence I am not qualified to be an artist, this is an invitation to listeners to listen to my story. Get to know me better before making judgements. The betrayal. The struggles. The fight. The comeback.
It was written 3 years back after I needed to vent out. I always choose to put pen to paper when I’m going through a rough patch and that’s what I did. The journey has been special with this track. We’ve had many versions of it and this was a product that I loved after a lot of trial and error.
Shikhar and Anushka Manchanda have really smashed it with the music and none of this would be possible without the entire INCINK fam.

His journey and story really managed to touch people’s hearts through the raps he’s written and we can’t wait for him to create many more incredible tracks in the near future. Check out the full video here, you really cannot miss out on it!

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