Popular content creator Gaurav Taneja’s new YouTube Channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa‘ breaks all records and becomes the fastest-ever channel to reach 100k subscribers in just 98 minutes and 1 Million subscribers in just 4 days! How amazing is that? YouTube is one of the most popular digital mediums in today’s time and various content creators have a great fanbase on it. However, India’s foremost fitness and content creator Gaurav Taneja’s new channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa‘ has surpassed everyone else.

About Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav commenced his journey on YouTube back in 2016, with his health and fitness channel ‘Fit Muscle TV‘. Post the success of his first channel he went on and launched ‘Flying Beast‘ wherein he candidly spoke about his passion and profession simultaneously. Apart from gaming and blogging, Gaurav is also dedicated to inspiring people globally and encouraging them to take up a healthy lifestyle. His latest record-breaking YouTube channel is named after his adorable 2-year-old daughter Rasbhari.

Gaming Channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa

Gaurav Taneja is a professional pilot who started his content creation journey through health and fitness vlogs. And a day before his birthday, which was on the 9th of July, Gaurav launched his new gaming channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa‘ on Youtube. The channel received outpouring love and broke all world records in terms of garnering the most amount of subscribers in the least amount of time. Once the channel officially went live, withing 12 hours 82 fake channels with the same name were created, hence breaking another record. This milestone also received a lot of national and international recognition, and various news houses spoke about his achievement. We are absolutely sure this was quite a birthday gift for Guarav!

Gaurav earning so many subscribers in such a short period of time really speaks volumes about how inspiring and genuine his content is. Here’s what he has to say about it,

This channel is solely dedicated to gaming and to interact with my fans for all the love and support they share, it has become the fastest-growing channel and crossed the 1 million followers within four days, breaking the preceding record of Rawalpindi express aka. Shoaib Akhtar for reaching this mark in 28 days. What better birthday gift should I have asked? I am very obliged to my audience. Thanks for always being there for me

Ritu Rathee Taneja, who is a pilot, a popular content creator and Gaurav’s wife also had a few words to say, check it out,

The determined YouTuber has a jovial and tender personality; these elements delight the audience and has paved his way to such a huge fan base. Lately, he was awarded with the golden button by YouTube and had been a show stealer at several YouTube fan fests.
The newly launched channel has been named after his two-year-old daughter Rasbhari (Kaira) Taneja, the channel is solely dedicated to his love for gaming and is continuously gathering the support from its viewers, making it one of the fastest-growing channel at present. He is a Fitness freak and had won many bodybuilding competitions. He does not compromise with his healthy diet. He continues to be grateful to the entire YouTube family for pouring so much support and love and will do his best to provide fresh and original content

We are certain that this must be a great moment of pride for them and we wish Gaurav all the very best for his channel. All you gaming enthusiasts, go check out his new channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa‘ right now!

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