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When it comes to Indian celebrity style inspiration, it’s no doubt that the Bollywood film industry is at the forefront. But so is the Hindi television fraternity. And we’re here to shed some light on that. Watching these television actors on your TV screens every day might not give you a peek into their personal style game. And so you might wonder what these stars prefer when they’re off-screen. Let me start by saying that these actors always bring their A-game when it comes to style picks. And no, we’re not talking about female actors, we’re talking about these dapper male artists whose stylebooks are worth glancing at. Think Namit Khanna‘s casual-chic aesthetic or Arjun Bijlani‘s crisp and elegant style. We’ve rounded up 5 male television actors whose fashion sense will serve you with one or two style cues.

5 television actors whose style game you need to look out for:

1. Ravi Dubey

The actor has a prominent penchant for quirky yet sharp suits. Via prints or a splash of colours is how Ravi adds a playful spin to his suits. To accessorize them further, he opts for sneakers and skips on formal shoes—his way of adding unconventional touches to an otherwise formal look. But he also easily switches from structured suits to breezy, cotton shirts + trousers combos. Hoodies and printed shirts are a mainstay in his off-duty wardrobe.

2. Namit Khanna

Namit’s style is best described as relaxed yet statement-making. He ensures that comfort is a priority in all of his outfits and denim is his go-to staple. Either denim jackets or jeans. Give him a pair of jeans and he’ll style them with a variety of garments—shirts with eye-catchy prints, hoodies, a simple shirt or a denim-on-denim look.

3. Karan Singh Grover

Karan’s fashion choices are quite suave and always ensure that his outfits accentuate his athletic body. He leans heavily towards well-fitted clothing with an affinity towards one-of-a-kind traditional wear. But otherwise, tuxedos and suits are his go-to picks. Some come with self-toned sequins and some feature abstract prints. Experimentation is prime when it comes to fashion.

4. Arjun Bijlani

To always look smart and elegant is Arjun’s ultimate sartorial motto. Crisp blazers with unconventional colours like pastel pinks and blues are his favourite. And colour-blocking is his most-liked trend. When he’s on duty, he’s either making a statement with fully-sequined outfits or OTT colour combinations. And when he’s off-duty, mulmul shirts with jeans or shirts with track pants are his staple. But, no matter what the occasion or the outfit, his looks are always put-together!

5. Parth Samthaan

Edy, chic and versatile is what I’d like to call Parth. Edgy because his outfits always have an element of excitement. Chic because of his tasteful collection of jumpsuits, suits to polo-necks, jackets and more. And versatile because he swings between trends and designs effortlessly. Be it monochromatic looks, clashing prints or trying on funky silhouettes, he always infuses his charm in his outfits!

What do you think of all of their styles? Whose style do you most relate to? Tell me in the comments below!

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