This is the digital age and nowadays everything we do is majorly influenced by what we see on online platforms like Instagram, YouTube and many more. With so many people who are creating content online, there are a few who were able to break the clutter and showcase their unique talent. If you are tired of watching movies, or same old content online, check out these new set of upcoming content creators who will fulfil all your entertainment needs on Instagram in their own unique way!

Here they are:

1. Jaydeep Gohil A.K.A. Hydroman

Jaydeep is surely one of the most creative content creators in the country, why? Because he creates ALL of his content underwater! He dances on some killer tracks inside a water tank and aces all his moves. We are sure you haven’t seen someone create content like him ever before.

2. Foram Pandya a.k.a @alotlikeforam

As a social media consultant and a digital marketer, content creation comes naturally to her! She is a scuba diver and a food blogger. So if you want to ee some amazing travel pictures and mouth-watering food, head over to her profile right now!

3. Akhila R Unnithan

Being a software professional and a mother doesn’t stop Akhila from making some fun dance covers. She is always trying new dance forms and creating easy to follow dance covers. We believe her content has the potential to make a mark among the audience.

4. @KriyaByDiya

This content creator is all about yoga practises. She will not only share yoga tutorials but also explain the benefits of certain asanas and the wider philosophy behind it. If you are looking for some serious self-care and self-growth you should check out her content.

5. Pranavi Mulmuley

Who says clicking portraits have to be tough? Pranavi is a super talented content creator who clicks amazing and unique self-portraits with everyday things. She knows how to beautifully blend colours and objects to create that ultimate self-portrait!

6. Vidhi Doshi a.k.a @ramenhairedgirl

Vidhi is all about good food and good life! If you are looking to make some amazing new food, make sure you check out her page. She not only posts aesthetically pleasing food but also tells people exactly how to make it.

7. Pooja Sp a.k.a @wear_urstyle

Entrepreneur and super mom, fitness is not just a choice for her, its a lifestyle! If you are looking to check out some quality fitness content, her profile is a go-to place for you. From workouts to tutorials, you will find everything there!

8. Seema and Sulakshana a.k.a @curiositycult

These sisters are all about travel! On their page, you will see some adorable pictures, scenic towns and beautiful experiences. We love how they are so real with their stories all the time.

9. Aria Krishnamurti a.k.a @stylemearia

Aria is one of Hyderabad’s most recognised bloggers. She has styles for a few Tollywood films and now is getting into beauty and lifestyle. Her profile has fresh ideas that can be easily recreated.

10. Prashant Pandit a.k.a @mr_fitspiration

This profile is your one-stop destination for all the fitness inspiration you need. Prasant is an engineer-turned-fitness trainer with more than 8 years of experience. His feed is all about simple-yet-effective workout techniques.

There you go! This list full of amazing budding content creators will surely keep you entertained with their unique work. You should defo check them all out!

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