Thanks to all your love and support, our dream of a successful influencer news desk is finally coming true, slowly but surely. We are now a family of 30k on Instagram and it has a lot to do with our loving audience and of course, dedicated and innovative content creators we feature. Ever since we started this new venture at MissMalini there are many things I noticed right from the Trending launch party to this very day. I realised that content creators are digital superstars who’ve come up from scratch all because of the content they create. They have loving fans who support them and aspire to be like them someday too. But lemme tell you, I’ve come across many influencers and content creators who are not only successful, but also create amazing content and are bright sunshine humans with big hearts. I figured that there are some traits that all these creators have in common. Lemme break it down for you.

Successful content creators are…

1. Authentic

This something every content creator will tell you. It’s very important for a content creator to be true to themselves. Creators like MostlySane, Ashish Chanchlani, MostlySane, Kusha Kapila and many more are all their authentic selves online and offline alike.

2. Experimental

Many creators are open to experimenting with their content. BeerBiceps first started out as a fitness and gaming creator and kept experimenting with content so he could know what his audience expects from him and more importantly, what’s the best content that he can offer to them.

3. Constantly surrounding themselves with the right people

Creators realise that the right people attract the right energy and that could affect content in a positive way. Hence, they surround themselves with positive people and people who they can learn from. They even follow happy and helpful accounts on social media to create a positive digital environment for themselves. Malini Agarwal not only posts positive content but even follows those kinds of accounts. She strongly believes that her digital environment is equally important as her offline world.

4. Optimistic

Influencers experience multiple failures in content, brand deals and such, but they never give up. They study their failures to understand the pitfalls and create better content instead. Malini always talks about how she started as a Bollywood gossip column to quickly realise that’s not what she personally stands for. She immediately course-corrected but didn’t ever get disheartened and definitely never gave up.

5. Positivity endorsers

Almost every successful creator will tell you that they believe in spreading positivity through their content. Major endorsers are Bhuvan Bam, BeerBiceps, MostlySane, MissMalini, Dolly Singh, Kusha Kapila, Ted The Stoner and many more.

6. Innovative

Coming up with new content every day, in fact, sometimes multiple times a day, is really hard. The content has to be fresh but also unique. Mot successful creators know how to churn out unique and innovative content regularly without burning out. Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam and Prajkata Koli are classic examples of innovative content.

7. Disciplined

Creators might seem like they’re just casually making content as and when they like, but you’ll be surprised to know how dedicated and disciplined they really are. They have schedules and content calendars that they follow and they don’t miss their deadlines. That’s because they know how much their fans look forward to their content and hence, they cannot miss the time committed to them. The one thing they stay clear from is procrastination.

8. Humble

The one thing that sets creators apart from other celebrities is humility. They are approachable, relatable and are always ready to meet their fans. They understand the value of their audience and strive to entertain them always. Mr. Faisu has a fanbase of over 12 million and every time he meets his fans, he greets them like he would greet his family. He’s always ready to take selfies, make videos and chat up with his fans even if he’s rushing for an event or had a long day.

9. Open to constructive criticism

While this is not easy to receive, creators often get to hear positive and negative feedback about their content. It is the successful and humble ones who take that negative feedback and use it to create better content in the future.

10. Hustlers

Sejal Kumar once said this in her Ted Talk

I’ve always enjoyed the hustle, and I’ve always wanted more of it. And anybody who wants to do something big in life, will tell you that. That you have to learn to enjoy the hustle and always want more of it. ‘Cause as and when you grow more, as and when you do more work, it’s only going to get more.

Her statement pretty much sums it up. A  successful creator will love to be busy and will embrace the hustle.

11. Regularly conducting research

Many creators are always on the lookout for interesting content that they can present in their own way. They do an immense amount of research because they wanna be sure of the fact that the content they put out is authentic and well-thought of.

12. Aware of how to deal with trolls

This is one of the most important-yet-difficult jobs. Creators get trolled a lot on a daily basis despite their hard work and their intention to entertain. But the successful creators know how to deal with these trolls and how to respond to them. Anmol Sachar is one such example. He often posts hate comments that he receives and also then posts the way he deals with them. This helps others who are going through the same thing, to gain confidence and deal with it too. Another example of this is Malini’s #IgnoreNoMoreOnline initiative where she provides the tools to those who are victim to online abuse, trolls, and cybercrime so they can fight against this horror online.

There are many other reasons why these creators are successful for example, they are consistent, passionate, hard-working and unique. But the traits I listed above are some common traits I see in all these extraordinary creators alike. If you’re aspiring to be a content creator and influencer, make sure to follow some popular creators online and notice their behaviour and growth. I’m sure their journey will guide you toward yours.

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