How many times do you come across a person who is either mean, unfriendly or rude? We surely meet many such people in our day-to-day lives. Moreover, the current unprecedented situation of a global pandemic has cast a wave of negativity and sadness, so at this day and time, it’s absolutely vital to maintain and develop the sense of empathy and kindness for the people around you to spread positivity. Malini Agarwal and popular content creator Bhuvan Bam had a beautiful conversation about this and you do not want to miss out on the deets, so here they are!

Titu Talks – Lifelines of the society

As we know the latest episode of  ‘Titu Talks‘ featured families living in slum areas. According to Bhuvan, he took the bold step of visiting the slums because talking about their condition is the need of the hour. The idea behind featuring them was to acknowledge the fact that labourers, migrants, and other less privileged people in the society are facing problems and it’s our duty to listen, understand and share their story. You don’t always need money to help others out. A donation in kind or a simple act of empathy is enough! Also, it was interesting to know that in association with the Hemkund Foundation, all the revenue generated from Bhuvan’s latest episode will be donated to help the less privileged (don’t forget to check it out here). This what Bhuvan had to say,

Comedy is something I usually do, but this episode had to be a reality check for people. Often privileged people tend to forget that there are people out there going through worse conditions. It is all about empathizing with people who are actually suffering

Small steps for a big impact

It isn’t always about money. Bhuvan strongly believes that it is important to be compassionate towards someone’s suffering. Small steps like making one extra meal for the needy, or simply listening to their struggles and making sure you understand is more than enough.  As he rightly said,

It is always about empathy; if you show empathy towards people, they will feel like they are not alone in their struggles

So we really encourage you to go check up on your watchman, domestic help, office workers and see if they are doing okay.

How can content creators contribute

There so many budding creators in our country and they have a platform to influence people. According to Bhuvan, young content creators should understand that they have a voice and can use the digital medium to create content and trends that promote empathy and kindness among people. Empathy should be the new ‘cool’! The latest episode of Titu Talks is a good example of how you can use your platform in order to reach out to people and make an effort to raise awareness among others.

Empathy and Kindness begins at home

These virtues are something one learns at a young age. Bhuvan shared a candid example of how his mother empathised towards their domestic help and how one small act of kindness can make such a large difference in someone’s life. So in a time like this, it is important to teach and practices sich virtues in the household itself so the kids of the new generation can imbibe them.

This conversation was so candid and really touched our hearts, it’s surely something you should not miss out on. Check it out here!

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