Times are tough right now, it has been taking a toll on our mental health. And the world could use some motivation, laughter, and reassurance that things will be okay. The easiest way to feel better for me is by watching a movie and so I thought I should list down the movies that made me feel better during the lockdown. From old to new movies, I’ve only listed a few ones that really stood out for me and made an impact! Hope these movies help everyone who’s been feeling low lately too. Scroll down to check out the list!

1. Maudie

Cast: Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke

Lovingly known as Maud, Maudie is a woman suffering from arthritis and loves painting. She goes on to find herself a housekeeping job for Everett Lewis—a man who comes off as quite difficult to deal with. The rest is a beautiful journey of them learning how to live with each other! Be ready with a tissue box to wipe ’em tears while watching this one.

2. A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

Cast: Tom Hanks

This movie is based on a true story and the recreation is uncanny! Tom Hanks plays the role of Fred Rogers, a.k.a. Mr. Rogers who is known to be the kindest man on earth. He was the beloved host of the children’s television show Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood and in this movie, Tom Hanks portrays the role of Mr. Rogers perfectly.

In this movie, an investigative journalist is given the assignment to profile Mr. Rogers and the journalist is skeptical about how anyone can have such a good nature. But Mr. Rogers’ kindness and empathy help the journalist, in turn, to reconcile with his own difficult past and negative outlook on life.

3. The Intern

Cast: Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway

Retirement isn’t easy for everyone, especially those who’ve dedicated the majority of their lives to working jobs. Ben Whittaker is also going through a similar phase. He is a 70-year-old widower who is unable to deal with his retirement and so he sets out to work as a senior intern at an online fashion site. His boss there is quite skeptical about having a 70-year-old as a senior intern but the results are hilarious and heart-warming at the same time!

4. Amélie

Cast: Audrey Tautou

Amelie is a young waitress who is caught living in her imaginative world. She decides to help others find happiness and hence goes on a quest to spread joy, which later leads her to find true love for herself.

5. Midnight In Paris

Cast: Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams

This one’s a time travel movie like no other. On a vacation in Paris with his fiancee and her family, a nostalgic screenwriter travels back in time mysteriously every midnight to the 1920s. There, he starts falling for another woman!

Which one of these do you plan to watch this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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