From frequent hand washing to scrubbing the dishes, there’s no denying that this year has been hard on our hands. Often enough, this results in brittle nails and peeling tips. Since a professional manicure may not possible, here are 5 nail strengtheners that can help revive your tips.

1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

If your nails chip easily, you should definitely stock up on a bottle of this powerful formula. Not only does it protect your tips from cracking and splitting, but also nourishes them so that they can grow back in a healthier and stronger state. Since the formula is clear, you can use it as a base coat or wear it alone for a hint of glossiness.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails | Source: Sally Hansen

2. OPI Nail Envy Original

With a name like that, you know that this product means business. Enriched with calcium and hydrolysed wheat protein, this transparent formula fortifies weak nails and prevents breakage. If you are a fan of acrylic nails or gel manicures, you should invest in a bottle to reverse any damage.

OPI Nail Envy Original | Source: OPI

3. CND RescueRXx

This treatment guarantees results in one week. The formula contains some wonderful ingredients such as keratin and jojoba oil, which work to condition and strengthen your tips. Massage it all over your nails every night to see a difference.

CND RescueRXx | Source: CND

4. Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat

Whilst I’m not a fan of kale smoothies, I can certainly get behind a base coat that contains this leafy green! Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this unique treatment encourages your tips to grow, whilst hydrating and repairing them. Although it is has a muted green tint in the bottle, it goes on clear to give your nails a shiny coat.

Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat | Source: Nails Inc.

5. Essie Treat Love & Color

If you just can’t do without colour, this is the line for you. Every shade features a blend of collagen and camellia extract, along with opaque pigments so that you can flaunt a gorgeous manicure, whilst nourishing your nails. If you are confused about which colour to try, you can’t go wrong with ‘A-game’, which is a deep pink hue.

Essie Treat Love & Color In ‘A-Game’ | Source: Essie

Are you going to try these nail strengtheners out?

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