Social media platforms are ideally supposed to be a platform to exchange ideas, conversations, stories and experiences. However, its gradually converting into a space that’s full of negativity. Especially for women, social media is becoming more and more unsafe by the day. Malini Agarwal has initiated an #IgnoreNoMoreOnline campaign in order to stand up against the abuse online and make the internet a safer space. She got a chance to speak to the popular content creator and actress Ruhii Singh about this and here are all the details!

Safety & Positivity On The Internet

As a content creator and an actor, Ruhii has also experienced a fair share of negativity, lewd messages and abuse online. We are always told to ignore the message and look past them, however, that has led to an alarming increase in hate and abuse online. According to Ruhii, it is time we stand up in solidity against such crimes and make the internet a safe space again.  As people, today are spending more time online than in the real world.

How content creation helped Ruhii

According to her, getting a chance to connect with the outside world, interacting with new people and relating with them is what content creation has helped her achieve. For Ruhii, content creation is a learning process and she has already embarked on that journey. She recently launched her own YouTube channel so don’t forget to check it out!

In what way should one behave online?

The internet and popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube can be excellent mediums to emotionally connect with someone or share knowledge, information and stories, but people tend to misuse it. Here’s what Ruhii has to say,

It’s really sad that people have been misusing this platform to just insult, spread more hate and negativity. It is pathetic to see what they are doing there, I think there has to be a check, something has to be done about it. I hope a campaign like this (IgnoreNoMoreOnline) helps people and raise awareness about the fact that you can say something about it, you don’t always have to ignore.

What is your ideal version of social media?

For Ruhii, an ideal version of social media is similar to how her ideal real world would be, since the line between real and virtual is blurring by the day. For her, a safe space where knowledge is shared and where diverse opinions are allowed to exist is what a perfect social platform looks like for her. We completely agree with what Ruhii has to say here,

(On social media) Success should be celebrated and failure should prompt compassion and empathy. That’s how we should be as humans in real life and on the internet.

Pro-Tip for young creators

Check out what Ruhi has to say to all you young budding creators out there,

As content creators you have to be strong, do not let anything emotionally or personally affect you! Think of it as a profession, and more than anything its important fr you to prioritize your health, well-being and mental health more than anything at this point. Never ever give up!

This conversation was so candid and insightful, it’s surely something you should not miss out on. Check it out here!

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