With so much uncertainty and negativity surrounding us, the Virtual Happy Hours that are organised for Malini’s Girl Tribe by Malini Agarwal herself is a way to put our worries aside and have a good time. While every week we have some interesting artists and creators on board with us, this week was surely super special! On 24th July, Friday, legendary digital creator and artist Prajakta Koli a.k.a @mostlysane joined the tribe for an amazing virtual happy hour. Find out everything we did right here!

Virtual Happy Hour with Prajakta Koli

It was amazing to see so many girls join the happy hour and welcome Prajakta with so much positivity and love. Amidst this lockdown, these girls got a chance to connect with Prajakta and interact with her, on our Zoom App session. Moreover, the happy hour was also telecasted live on MissMalini’s Facebook page for a million others to see.

A candid conversation about ‘Khayali Pulao

This happy hour gave the tribe a chance to ask Prajakta their questions and so many of them were about her latest short-film ‘Khayali Pulao‘. According to her, she considers herself very lucky to have got a chance to work in a film like this. She went from knowing nothing about how to act in a film to understanding and experiencing the whole process and immersing herself completely in the character of ‘Asha‘. What a lot of us did not know was that Prajakta started shooting for ‘Khayali Pulao‘ only 2 days after she finished shooting for her new upcoming Netflix series ‘Mismatched‘. She only had a few days to understand the character of Asha, yet she did such a phenomenal job! Here’s what she had to say for the overwhelming amount of love she receives,

It is unbelievable that I received so much love on social media. Sometimes I just sit and wonder how did this happen! It is massive, something I had never imagined. That is one of my biggest inspiration to do what I do.

When asked what she learnt from the character she played in the short-film, Prajakta had some beautiful advice for all of us. Here’s what she has to say,

Having a clear vision is what you want, that way you will know exactly why you want to keep going. Most of us know where we want to go, by we usually tend to forget why we want to get there. The factor or knowing why you want to reach where you want to reach is what kept the character of Asha going and helps me going.

We played Pictionary with a twist!

The girl tribe and Malini Agarwal herself engaged Prajakta in a fun game of Pictionary. The idea was for Malini and Prajakta to draw their ‘Khayali Pulao‘. The drawings were of what they wished to do after the lockdown was over and we had so much fun guessing their quirky drawings. From visiting the Northern Lights to eating a plate full of Chinese food, the tribe got a chance to discuss all of this during the game. As a content creator, she also had an interesting take on how people should not ignore online hate and abuse. It’s time we speak up! The kind of impact people can create if they come together is massive. As Malini right said,

I don’t need to unscrew anybody else’s lightbulb in order to shine

Malini’s Girl Tribe clearly had a blast with Prajakta on the virtual happy hour and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, so check out the video right here!

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