Sonakshi Sinha (Source: Instagram | @aslisona)
Sonakshi Sinha (Source: Instagram | @aslisona)

While social media brings us the world with just a click, it also has a flip side to it. It has, in recent times, become a breeding ground of negativity and toxicity. The hate spewed by the bullies causes a lot of mental stress and anxiety in people’s minds. When it comes to celebrities, they face it on a larger scale because of their immense reach. Now, they have decided to raise their voices too.

Sonakshi Sinha recently teamed up with Mission Josh to launch a campaign called ‘Full Stop To Cyber Bullying‘ in association with the special IGP of Maharashtra police and other cyber experts. Sonakshi has also faced trolling and bullying for the longest time now and this campaign aims at putting an end to this.

Talking more about the campaign, Sonakshi said:

Social media was made with the intention to spread love and positivity. Unfortunately, it has become a toxic place with the rampant rise of cyberbullying and mental harassment. I have been a victim of trolls and abuses myself. With mission Josh, our campaign aims to bring awareness to cyberbullying, online trolling, cyber laws, and mental harassment. Jt CP of Maharashtra Police Dr. Pratap Dighavkar and I will be talking to experts and show insights about the issues a lot of us have been facing and spread the message of cyber virus that is around us.

Here’s her post:

Led by Sonakshi & Special IGP of Maharashtra Mr Pratap Dighavkar, it will have five different live interactions with panelists which will all be streamed live on her social media handles. The goal of the campaign is to generate more awareness about the subject and discuss the various important aspects to it. This will make sure that the trollers, harassers, bullies are aware about the consequences as well as legal actions that can be taken against them on committing any kind of cyber harassment sitting behind a screen. The first interaction is all set to air on the 26th of July.

More power to you Sonakshi!