There is one thing we all can surely agree upon—a pet makes our lives a hundred times better! After a tiring day,  just looking at your furry friend at home brightens up everything around you. Currently, the global situation is extremely uncertain, there is so much negativity and tension. However, having your pet around you surely helps in being positive and feeling loving. It is widely said that your pets love you unconditionally, however, we know a few content creators for whom their furry friends mean the world! So if you are looking for a dose of positivity and love, check out these content creators who make the most amazing pet parents.

Here they are:

1. Sherry Shroff

Sherry has the most adorable dog named ‘Mars Shroff‘ and we literally love to see him on her feed! She is a big advocate of ‘Adopt Don’t Shop‘ and also keeps posting relatable content on her page with Mars in it.

2. Mrunu and Anirudhh

Mrunal and Anirudhh recently welcomed a new member to their family. They call their cute little doggo Princess/Princy and we can’t stop swooning! Princy is loved by everyone and already has her own Instagram page with more than 50k followers!

3. Aisha Ahmed

Even though, Aisha is not a pet parent we decided to add her to this list because she such a huge dog lover and is happiest around furry friends. We love how adorable her pictures are!

4. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal recently adopted the cutest puppy and we already love him so much! ‘Mylo‘ is a ‘Reagle‘ i.e. a mix of a Beagle and  Rottweiler. Mylo already has an Instagram page @mylothereagle and you have to check it out!

5. Kritika Khurana

Kritika is a proud parent of two furballs, Sugar and Blush. She loves her pets and we often see her casually chilling and posing with her dogs. Check out her feed for some adorable pictures and videos of her with Blush and Sugar.

6. Mohammed Salim Khan

We can’t think of a better bunch than MSK and his buddies Laila and Majnu! Their pictures always melt our hearts and we love how adorable those kittens look.

7. Sonali Bhadauria

Sonali considers her pets as her family! She has a dog and a cat and you will often see her posting or talking about them with so much love! We hope we get to see more adorable pictures of Bubzy and Ollie on her feed.

8. Nitinn Miranni

Nitin recently welcomed a furry member to his family. Here’s a picture of the adorable Marshall Mirani! We already can’t get enough of him. Nitinn’s feed is currently full of Marshall so head over there and check out his pictures now!

9. Andre Borges

Andre has the cutest dog and we love how he occasionally posts about his doggo doing adorable and funny things. Andre also loves to create funny memes involving his pet.

10. Deeksha Khurana

Such cute pictures make us so happy! Looking at Deeksha with her adorable little puppy surely brightens up our day. We legit cannot decide who is cuter, amirite?

We hope reading this list of pet parents made you as happy as it made us. Its rightly said, ‘having pets around makes your life beautiful’ and we totally agree!

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