Sonu Sood Says People Trying To Get Mileage Over Sushant’s Death Is Wrong

Sonu Sood Says People Trying To Get Mileage Over Sushant’s Death Is Wrong

Pallavi Manoj

Sushant Singh Rajput‘s untimely demise has caused a lot of uproar and chaos amidst the public with many saying that there’s more to his death than what meets the eye. But many from the industry itself have been questioning how outsiders in the industry have always been treated in the industry. Kangana Ranaut has been at the forefront of this fight for justice for Sushant. Many others like Apurva Asrani and Shekar Kapur have been openly talking about the unfairness of the industry.

In the light of the current situation, Sonu Sood who has been making headlines for his heroic deeds of helping the needy in such a difficult time was asked about the insider-outsider debate. Talking about it to Republic TV, he said that he himself is an outsider and the division, unfortunately, will always be there. He also found it unfortunate that some people were trying to gain mileage from Sushant’s demise which he found incredibly unfortunate.

He said:

Lot of people trying to get mileage, over this subject, that’s very unfortunate. Imagine the family living in Patna, imagine what they must be going through. People who haven’t met him in their life, and they want to sit on a debate which is unfortunate.

He further added:

If we talk about insiders and outsiders, that will always be there, it was there years back and still it is there. Tomorrow if an outsider comes to Mumbai to do something, obviously he will have to do his share of struggling, he is not going to get a godfather who will make a call for him, to make life easy for him. All outsiders who come to Mumbai should have nerves of steel to survive, maybe for months, maybe for years, and if it doesn’t happen, you need to be strong enough to go back to your families, and do something in life. But when you see cases like Sushant, which is so unfortunate, we used to workout together, he was such a great guy, and a successful guy, it sends a wrong message, where the parents don’t let their kids come to Mumbai. ‘The industry is not safe, people will not help you’, it’s not like that.

Sonu Sood recently helped out a farmer by buying him a tractor after he saw a video of his daughters ploughing the field manually.