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Suruchi Patwary , 27 Jul 2020
Young Woman Listening To Music By Josep Suria |
Young Woman Listening To Music By Josep Suria |

2020 might have ruined a lot of our plans, but nothing can stop us from enjoying good music! While this pandemic has changed our lifestyles drastically, one of the many things that have helped us stay sane is good music. Artists all over the world have been making sure to cheer people up with their songs and going live almost every day. And so, if you too would like to enjoy some good tunes in the evenings after work or on the weekends, worry not! We’ve listed down a few virtual gigs happening this week and all their details. Choose the one that interests you and dance a little to their tunes!

1. Preview Session ft. EPR

When: 2nd August, 8 pm

Santhanam Srinivasan Iyer is the lyricist and frontman of the band. Noted for his passionate vocals and stage presence, Iyer believes hip-hop’s roots lie in expressing and not impressing. His songs focus on the voice for the voiceless and hope for the oppressed. You might have also seen him in the second season of India’s Got Talent. He also went on to become the second runner up of MTV Hustle.

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2. Music without Borders | Live Music Acts from around the World

When: 1st August, 9:30 pm

This one’s gonna have Gaman Mamidi and Stella performing some of their best works! Gaman is a singer and guitarist and Stella’s instruments are her voice and paino, but she also DJs. She’s into Jazz and R&B, but with a slick pop feel. Sounds super exciting to me!

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3. #LiveFromMyCouch With Mallika Mehta

When: 29th July, 8 pm

#LiveFromMyCouch is a gig series that holds music gigs every Wednesday with different artists on the @missmalini Instagram handle. This week’s guest is the super talented Mallika Mehta who’ll be performing some of her originals and a few covers as well. It’s a party you don’t wanna miss!

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4. Nostalgia Night with DJ Akeel

When: 1st August, 10 pm

You already know it’s gonna be a good one! DJ Akeel will be going live performing some nostalgic tunes, setting the perfect Saturday night mood. If you’ve been missing going out clubbing then this one’s for you. Watch out his Facebook page for more info!

Which of these virtual gigs do you plan on attending this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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