There are so many content creators who are creating new and interesting content every day. However, there are a few who really blow your mind. Among them is the ultimate couple Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee! Both of them are full-time pilots and content creators. Their famous YouTube channel ‘Flying Beast‘ usually garners more than 100 million views every month. Moreover, even their two-year-old daughter Rasbhari has an active Instagram account with thousands of followers. They are widely popular as the ‘power couple’ online and are loved by millions of fans and rightly so! But what makes them the ultimate power couple? Check out the reasons right here!

Here they are:

1. They belong to the same field of work

Both Gaurav and Ritu are pilots of leading airlines in India and have a hectic schedule. However, since they belong to the same field of work they understand each other really well. We believe they can relate to and understand each other’s frustration and problems, so they are able to deal with it very effectively!

2. They have a great vision for themselves

The couple is extremely mature and practical. They always tend to look beyond the trivial things in life. It has always been important for them to look at the bigger picture in life and not worry about small loses or bumps in their journey. According to us, this is such a great mentality to have as it encourages you to experience greater happiness in life! Here’s what Ritu has to say,

We are both in our thirties and have our own family, I believe we have that sense of maturity in us that really helps.

3. They are extremely honest with each other

Honesty builds a strong foundation in every relationship. According to us, they are extremely honest and transparent with each other. It’s evident from the kind of content they create that they are extremely comfortable and honest about everything. Here’s what she said and we think its beautiful,

We (Gaurav and I) are more like one, rather than two people!

4. They both have different kinds of qualities

No two people are exactly the same, and Gaurav and Ritu understand that better than anyone else. Both of them have a different set of qualities, if she is good at something, he is good at something else. This helps them a lot when they are working together as they always cover up for each other weaknesses. No wonder they make a great team!

5. Their content is so authentic!

The real reason why their channel ‘Flying Beast‘ has more than 3.5 million subscribers and is loved by such a large fanbase is that their content is so real and authentic. They always tend to post candid content and it’s always so relatable and unique.

6. They set a great example for their audience

We have all seen and noticed how well Gaurav treats his wife and other family members in all their videos or how they have so much love and respect for each other. We strongly believe that the relationship that Gaurav and Ritu have, has successfully set a standard of behaviour and influenced so many people positively. As Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps mentioned in the ‘Need For Positivity’ Webinar,

‘You should see the kind of dynamic his wife and he (Gaurav) share, I think that’s gonna set an example for the future generation’

7. They have an amazing audience connect

Million of fans have never been able to meet this power couple in reality but they still know everything about their lives and can connect with their journey. This is only because Gaurav and Ritu have an amazing audience connect. They have always tried their best and reached out to their community. At every milestone in their journey, they have involved their fans and shared their happiness with everyone. This grateful and humble trait of theirs has really won over so many people!

8. They believe in a positive lifestyle

Fitness is not just a hobby for both of them, it is a lifestyle. Apart from physical fitness, they also encourage positive thinking, awareness about mental health and an overall healthy lifestyle. Their practices have influenced so many people and encouraged them to pick up a healthy habit.

There you go! We’ve listed down only a few of the things we love among the million others that inspires us every day. Their journey and story have been equally inspiring and it is so heartwarming to see them reach such great heights!

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