Colour Trends For Fall-Winter (Source: Instagram | @x_hellobello_x, @prada, @longchamp)
Colour Trends For Fall-Winter (Source: Instagram | @x_hellobello_x, @prada, @longchamp)

If you are meticulous about your wardrobe and like to plan your outfits according to each season, then this information is trivial. For those of you who go with the flow, and pick your outfit based on your mood, there is no harm in being aware. Each of the 2 major fashion seasons in the couture world brings out the custom sartorial features that define them. Additionally, the colour palette plays a pivotal role as well. We are aware of the vibrant hues that define Spring-Summer, however, the Fall-Winter array is trickier to decipher. So why not be prepared ahead of time? With the predicted colour trends from the Pantone Institute, you can make a more calculated decision on your upcoming purchases and shop smart.

We see a more minimalistic approach is followed for this season, where a focus on the adaptability and longevity of the colours are fundamental factors. According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, the narrative of the season focuses on a unique form of self-expressiveness via an artistic visual statement. The colour selection aims to be more functional and wearable while adding a timeless aesthetic to the overall look. It is time to dig deep into your closet and remove the core shades of next season. Alternatively, be ahead of the game and plan your Fall-Winter attire by investing in hues that are going to trend for the remainder of the year.

Scroll below to see 8 colourful favourites and essential shades for the upcoming season:

1. Fired Brick

Make way for darker, fiery red hues. Shades from the red family are popular in most seasons. From the brighter cherry reds to burgundy, the implementation was popular on head-to-toe runway looks of the season. This brown-reddish Pantone works on a plethora of apparel, be it your comfy knit sweater or a chic leather cape such as the Lanvin pictured below. Using this to your benefit, personify your boss lady vibes and make an impact through this strong red wine colour.

2. Classic Blue

You can’t go wrong with the colour of royalty and elegance. Classic blue is a staple in all our wardrobes regardless of the time and day. We see a shift to brighter hues this season, compared to the navy and pastels used previously. According to Pantone, this is to signify happiness and is a metaphor for one’s entrance to a new world of infinite possibilities. Enjoy this on an array of jackets and dresses, we particularly love this turtleneck sweater dress by Michael Kors.

3. Amberglow

Get your dose of Vitamin C and glow with this radiant autumnal orange. It perfectly matches with any neutral-coloured clothing you own, or alternatively even with a variety of colours. It manages to look trendy paired with types of denim and boots, as seen in the fashion week looks. Rock this fresh orange and give true meaning to the colour by oozing confidence, positivity and creativity.

4. Sleet

Emulate the many shades of grey, which is an essential part of the season’s classic Pantone. A timeless and dependable colour, style it singularly, or as a base for a richer ensemble. Pantone’s purpose in selecting grey is to emphasise the longevity it adds to our clothing. Moreover, with sleet dominating the Fall-Winter ramp, the trick to pulling it off is by mixing and matching. Be it the shades or fabrics, play around with the tones and textures to create a stylish silhouette. The high-waist leather pants and a ribbed sweater-shirt by Hermes is all the inspiration you need.

5. Military Olive

Another component of the season’s core hues is a deep olive-green. The name is inspired by the green used in military uniforms, it exudes strength and fearlessness. Also, it acts as a great foundation or layer over for most looks. Even though it belongs to the green colour family, military olive can be considered a neutral colour due to its adaptability. Additionally, it looks great in leather, quilt, suede and even silk, adding a power factor through its deep tone.

6. Ultramarine Green

Not 100% green, and not really blue—it’s ultramarine! A deep yet cool shade that is somewhere between the blue and green realm, it is a trendy addition to the Fall-Winter clothing collection. As seen below, this Longchamp dress in ultramarine pops out and energizes the entire ensemble in contrast to the heavy-black, leather jacket. Conclusively, you can look poised and elegant while standing out in this unusual, yet rich colour for the upcoming season.

7. Almond Oil

The queen of neutrals is no other than the dreamy and creamy off-white earthy shades. For those who are all about the sophisticated look, the smooth and subtle almond oil Pantone is the right one for you. In ivory or milky colours, this works best from head-to-toe due to its nature of being understated. Exude luxury, class and elegance in this tasteful Fall-Winter colour.

8. Rose Tan

Personally, I think a shade of pink should be mandatory in every seasonal collection. This cult favourite takes its form in a rose hue for the season. Feminine, yet smart and chic, a dusky pink conveys a sense of composure in the sartorial realm. Whether it’s power suits or dresses, the colour is wearable in all forms. Moreover, it is a more adult-friendly alternative compared to Barbie pink. If pink is not your cup of tea, give the gentle rose tan a shot.

What is your favourite colour in the palette above? Let us know in the comments below.

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