22 Inspiring Mommy Bloggers Who Are Reinventing Motherhood

Kavisha Mody , 29 Jul 2020
Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Malini Kapoor, Prianka Singha (Source: Instagram | @diapers_and_lipsticks @malinikapoor @priankasingha)
Saru Mukherjee Sharma, Malini Kapoor, Prianka Singha (Source: Instagram | @diapers_and_lipsticks @malinikapoor @priankasingha)

We all agree that mothers are superwomen who can do anything and everything. Be it working, running a company, taking care of a child, cooking or even blogging! They have aced the art of documenting their motherhood along with everything else they do and make some interesting, relatable and genuine content. These mommy bloggers have managed to share their experiences online on platforms like YouTube and Instagram and given content-creation a fresh new perspective. It’s so inspiring to see them juggle their real life and online presence so efficiently! So get ready to check out 22 mommy bloggers who are pros at multitasking.

Here they are:

1. Ritu Rathee 

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“It wasn’t easy being ambitious in a society where people thought, ‘Ladkiyan bojh hain.’ Relatives thought I should get married before I got ‘too educated’. But my parents worked hard to send us to school, despite papa’s only income being the money he earned as a contractor. I was a skilled bike rider too, so when a friend suggested I become a pilot, it appealed to me. So I applied to programs in the US & 8 months in, I heard back. I was ecstatic, but I knew papa was scared to send me alone. I told him, ‘Papa, spend the money you’d use for my wedding, on my training–I’ll make you proud.’ He agreed, but our relatives said, ‘She’ll go abroad & do things with boys, get her married before she’s fully ruined’. We turned a blind eye to them & I was off on my first flight ever. I trained for 1.5 years & went home after. But I struggled to get a job since there were no vacancies. Relatives said to papa, ‘We told you this would happen’. Matters worsened when mom got a haemorrhage & passed away. Dad was miserable–he’d cry all the time & barely slept. We were surviving on loans & I knew I had to step up–so over the next 2 years, I did a side job, studied for 7 hours a day & barely slept to ace my applications. Finally, I got an offer from an airline to be the co-pilot! I was elated–we celebrated with my favourite burger & cold coffee. Then papa & I went to the temple to pray. For the next 4 years, I flew about 60 flights a month & was eventually promoted to Captain. Sitting on the Captain’s seat was my ‘Apna time aa gaya’ moment. During this time, I met my husband who’s also a pilot. We’ve grown into a happy family with our 2 year old daughter–we even vlog our journey of being a hustling couple! I’ve gone from feeling guilty about spending on a movie & snack to being a Captain whilst raising our daughter. It’s no cakewalk, but we’re still doing it. And I know I’ve made papa proud when I hear him tell the same relatives, ‘Meri beti Captain hai!’ But what makes me proudest is that I’m not even just that–I’m a Captain, a vlogger, a wife & a mom. And I won’t allow anyone to set limits on what I can be.” @officialhumansofbombay

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Ritu is a widely popular content creator and shares a YouTube channel ‘Flying Beast‘ with her Husband Gaurav Taneja. What’s impressive is that apart from being a fantastic blogger, she is also an active pilot and has a 2-year-old daughter Rasbhari. Talk about multitasking!

2. Uma Raghuraman a.k.a. @masterchefmom

Uma is all about delicious food! She is a wife, a mother and an avid food blogger. She has also authored a book called ‘My Genius Lunch Box’. Amazing isn’t it?

3. Elina a.k.a. @momfunda

Mommy to a 3-year-old, Elina is a practising nutritionist and a blogger. She has her own website and also regularly shares reliable information on child-rearing.

4. Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa a.k.a. @mommydiaries

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Riaan has been attending Spanish classes for a couple weeks now and I’m amazed at how much he has picked up! All thanks to @learninglingos and how fun and interactive these classes are! Kids pick up languages better and faster than we do and are able to learn multiple languages simultaneously! Whether it comes to numbers, or colors – @learninglingos is able to grasp his attention and make this so much fun! The founder @eshleenjolly is vibrant and entertaining, and teaches Spanish. I have been getting a lot of questions about language learning and highly recommend trying her classes! #learningspanish #learninglingos #mommydiariesrecommends #bestkidsclasses #kidsactivities #isolationwithkids #onlineclasses #kidsactivities #brilliantkids

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A mommy to 2 kids and 2 puppies, Tanya is a healthcare strategist who regularly blogs about fitness, her experiences as a parent and much more. She is also an author of the book ‘All You Need to Know About Parenting’. (BTW, That’s her overseeing her son’s Spanish class with Eshleen Jolly and Learning Lingos, the same class MissMalini takes!)

5. Shrima Rai 

A mom of two, Shrima is a lifestyle blogger who is widely popular for posting adorable Reels with her kids and videos with amazing transitions. Check out her profile for some entertaining content!

6. Chandni Bhagat a.k.a. @mominthebay

A child psychologist, blogger, entrepreneur and mother of two, she is the epitome of a multitasker mom! Apart from all of this, she has also founded various ventures and initiatives like MITB Pop Up, Beach Bums, Little Humans of Bombay and Jumping Genius Play Schools.

7. Monika Saha a.k.a. @monikablends

On her Instagram feed, Monika shares simple experiences of life and easy to do recipes. We also see her posting about her son Rahyl with so much love. It is adorable!

8. Malini Kapoor 

Malini is an actor, photographer, influencer and a mother. She posts a lot of real conversations and relatable videos on her profile. She has also been featured in multiple news articles for her creative content.

9. Mansi Jhaveri, founder of @kidsstoppress

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WHAT'S NEW TO LEARN THIS MONTH FOR YOUR BUSINESS 🌱 Agree- it's not the best times to be running a business. Especially for a mompreneur. The pandemic has changed many things but your resolve and passion shouldn't be among those affected. Don't waste time doing nothing about your business just because of the pandemic. Take this time to learn and create strategies that work for you. What better time to learn and grow?! Are you guilty of not starting already? Don't worry, it's not too late.  Save the date for our exclusive next group mentoring session for #MomBoss with @dianafernandesoninsta, Founder Of @team_bloomingdalepr . . . She will talk to us exclusively on creating a DIY PR Strategy in these tough economic times so your brand doesn't stop growing.  . . On the agenda: ✔️DIY PR strategy to grow your business ✔️Case Studies of what brands have succeeded ✔️PR Blueprint that have worked for brands ✔️How to make #VocalForLocal work for your brand.  ✅So swipe up to join the closed group of #MomBosses who are ready to support each otther. Stay tuned for more updates on experts coming on board to discuss different business pain points! 💜. . . . #vocalforlocal #vocalforlocalindia #vocalforlocal2020 #supportsmallbusiness #sme #smallenterpreneur #momboss #mombossliving #publicrelations #publicrelationsagency #community #communityfirst #mompreneur #raisingbusinessesandbabies #mompreneuer #kspmomboss #multitasking #multitaskingmom #multitaskingmama #hardwork #hustleandmotivate #hustleandflow #bossbabe #bossbabequotes #wednesday #wednesdaywisdom.

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This blog is a brain baby of Mansi and has a huge fanbase on Instagram. It is regarded as one of the most trusted blogs on parenting online and has an enormous presence. It shares parenting tips, product reviews, recipes, learning activities, answers to parenting-related questions, do live sessions and much more on a regular basis.

10. Sakshi aka. @aadya_mom

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Online Classes for kids. What do you think 🤔 about kids online classes from School.? Luckily we don’t have very long Online classes. What we are getting everyday is good to get in touch with School and teachers. Even she loves watching her classmates on screen every day. . . But I have heard from other Moms who are attending long online classes everyday with their kids. 🙈 How they are struggling to sit with them for long, leaving all other works at home. And specially all “work from home moms”. It is getting so difficult to manage time b/w kids studies and their work. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ . . Struggle is Real for them specially for preschoolers. . . . But In these unprecedented times, teachers and parents are doing their best to uphold the value of Education. Teachers are doing whatever best they can do their students, and parents are showing the same support towards these classes. . . Still there are many pros and cons about online classes. . . There is not much interaction between students and teachers. Small kids feel bored very easily. It’s difficult to make them sit at front of screen for a long. . . . Teachers need to make it more interesting for small kids. They should use some props to narrate stories or to read their lessons. As my son’s teacher is doing. They are using all kind of props to entertain their students. And I really appreciate their efforts. 👏🏻 Otherwise it’s next to impossible to make him sit and concentrate on one thing. He has to start his main school. So he has to learn to sit and concentrate. . . . But at the same time, it’s really hard for moms or any other parent to sit along with these young kids. So it has become really challenging for all moms. . . Good thing is small kids are learning new techniques due to these online classes. But at the same time increased screen time. There are so many kids, who can not afford smart phones or tabs. Or who don’t have Internet connection. They feel disconnected like this. . . . Share your thoughts about these online classes for young kids.? . . . . . #kidseducation #kidsstudy #study #onlineclasses

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Apart from being a dentist and a mommy to two toddlers, Sakshi is a passionate fashion and lifestyle blogger.

11. Nishka Lulla 

Nishka is a fashion blogger with more than 100k followers on Instagram. Being a mommy doesn’t stop her from travelling the world and sharing her experiences through blogs. She also has her own collection on Aza Fashion’s website. Go check it out!

12. Karuna Chauhan 

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Everyday I watch my feed beaming with mums and kids doing fun activity, crafts, reading new books and here I am, a working mom barely managing to get my child to get dressed, eat and maybe spend some few minutes playing before either of us get triggered off! . . Going back to work during these days has been mentally exhausting for me, to say the least. While the husband does a good job of taking care of kenny, keeping her occupied without screentime and working from home, I have truly realised the real challenge of working parents especially in a nuclear setup, during the Pandemic! . No school, daycare, house helps has handicapped us. And honestly am living one day at a time and just getting through somehow😣 . Tell me momma's how you are managing your work, home and sanity? Because some days I am so done, I just wanna hide in the loo and cry! . . . . #honestmomconfessions #honestmotherhood #ig_motherhood #letthembelittle #motherhoodintheraw #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodcommunity #ohheymamas #parenting101 #parentlife #workfromhomemoms #workfromhomemomlife #wfh #parenthood_unveiled #mummydiaries #momblogger #lifeandlensblog #honestmom #documentingmotherhood #momfluencer #dailyparenting #momadvice #thisismotherhood #parentblog #parentblogger #indianmomblogger

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Karuna is a trained marketing professional. However, her passion lies in blogging about her journey and motherhood. Moreover, she also specialises in kids fashion.

13. Ananta Goyal aka. @bumpandbabyy

Ananta’s page ‘Bump and Babyy‘ is all about motherhood, easy to create recipes and mindful living. Apart from this page, she is also a partner at @bumpandbabyevents and has her own website.

14. Saru Mukherjee Sharma a.k.a. @diapers_and_lipsticks

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Because we need to fill our hearts with light & positivity.. if not for us, then for our kids, our family. I hated our family atmosphere last couple of days, everyone's face looked gloomy.. Suddenly I noticed Rudi's behaviour changing too, he acted up on little things. I literally could see him catching up our sadness & stress. . . Today morning, I decided I'll not watch any news or media that doesn't make me feel good, that doesn't make me get over it.. People who are suffering will have my prayers but if I want to change things, if we want to spread positive vibes, we can't do that without being positive ourselves. . . Simply put, we can't pour from any empty vessel 💗 . . Let's change the Vibe here guys.. Let's uplift people who are suffering mentally, let's uplift each other.. Who's with me?

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Saru is all about great parenting and lifestyle! Her posts are often directed towards self-love, mindfulness and motherhood. Moreover, she has been awarded Top Mom Blogger by PopXo and World of Mom!

15. Anupriya Kapur

Anupriya is all about breaking stereotypes! She is a single mother, co-founder of @imbuenatural and an avid blogger. She often talks about food, relatable fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Anupriya also has her own YouTube channel. We love how positive and passionate she is about her work!

16. Chef Amrita Raichand 

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Swipe to see all the pictures! When sunny boy asks for #Italianfood mommy makes it for him! 😁 Pretty chuffed about the meal that I made today.. #spaghettiandmeatballs as that’s what Agastya wanted.. however I cannot make a meal without some green vegetables!! So For #antipasto I did some #grilledveggies glazed with a light #honeymustarddressing & topped with some crumbled #feta Served this with a classic #bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil drizzled with a beautiful #balsamicvinaigrette The dessert however was not Italian! #chocolavacake 😁 Now before you guys start asking me for recipes.. hold on as I need to write them down! FYI I have also shot the entire process staring from morning but I’m not sure if I want to share them as It’ll confuse the hell out of you as I’m doing a million things at the same time! I’ll share a few glimpses on my stories though! So be patient.. will share the recipes soon 😘#mummykamagic #beingamrita #chefandbeyond #italianfood #sundaylunch #familytime

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Amrita is not just an amazing chef, but also a writer, lifestyle blogger and a TEDx speaker. Moreover, she also has her own YouTube channel called ‘Being Amrita – Chef and Beyond’. She really does multitask like a pro isn’t it?

17. Priyanka Bharwani aka. @amominlove

Priyanka is literally a mom who is in love with fashion, travel, food and motherhood. Her posts are extremely relatable and also insightful. She has also co-founded @mumbaimomtribe!

18. Smitha a.k.a. @theavgmom

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#theavgmomwrites . I am going to ask this again. How are you doing? . I will tell about me, I am doing ok. Few days back I spoke about how overwhelmed I had been feeling since the beginning of all this. This epidemic & the ensuing lockdown is bigger than anything we could have ever imagined possible. It has made our current reality quite grim & left us powerless in the face of an unknown future. . Now trust me I totally realise that I am safe & that I should be grateful for that. I don’t dispute my position of privilege. But that doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to be scared. You don’t need to renounce how you feel & pretend to be unaffected by all this. Because accepting your fears is the first step towards overcoming them. So feel what you need to feel. You don’t owe it to anyone to make the optimal use of this new found way of life. . Rather take a breather if you need to. You can find something positive to do tomorrow. . I have also been working towards my peace within this chaos. I spend time with loved ones. . I cherish this languid pace of life. Nowadays I relax with a cup of beverage in our balcony doing nothing. I don’t even have a to do list running through my head anymore as I have stopped worrying about things to do for the time being. It feels so new to be able to just sit & stare at the sky. It reminds me of summer vacation evenings long ago, load shedding used to happen frequently & all of us would come out & sit in the lawn, spending time with each other without distractions. . I also spend an hour working out or listening to music as that helps me keep my mind energetic. We cook as a family more for fun than food. Some days I finish few projects other days I just let it be. , So tell me, how are you doing everyday & if you need a friendly ear, talk to me or with someone you trust. Remember it’s not a normal situation and it’s Ok to be not Okay. Love, #theavgmom #indiafightscorona #gocorona #quarantinestories #indianmomblogger #delhigram #delhimoms #newnormal #lockdown #indialockdown #lockdownindia #quarantinelife #socialdistancing #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaynottobeokay #lockdown2020 #covid #mentalhealth #selflove #selfhelp

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‘The average mom’ has some extraordinary talents! Apart from being an employee in a corporate company, she is an author and a lifestyle blogger. Her pots are often about fashion, keto, heath and much more.

19. Prianka Singha

Prianka is a prominent lifestyle blogger who often loves to share candid pictures and beautiful experiences of her husband Rannvijay Singh and her daughter on her Instagram page.

20. Lasya Manjunath 

Lasya is all about a positive mind and positive life! She loves to blog about travel, music, motherhood, food and much more! She also has a YouTube channel with more than 300k subscribers.

21. Akhila Unnithan 

Apart from being a proud mommy, Akhila is also a blogger and a fantastic dancer. If you are looking for some relatable content and easy to practise dance covers, her profile id the place to be!

22. Prerna aka. @maaofallblogs 

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I was recently asked on a live to give inputs on how to help kids cope with Covid. On the onset, I want to state that while kids have a better coping mechanism than adults we also need to realise most of them don’t know how to express themselves. You should look out for irritability, anger or even them receding in their own space. Every kid will react differently. The one thing that will definitely help is giving them a routine. Since they don’t have regular school or can’t meet their friends, they will be feeling lost. Online schooling for a few hours has been my respite for sure. It has given us some semblance of a routine. 🦸‍♀️Beyond school make sure they don’t indulge too much on screen time. You will need to involve them in a project or an activity. If your kids are younger you will have to sit with them for a bit yourself. 🧑‍🏫Make them journal their day. This will give you an insight on what is going on their minds. Ask them to describe their emotions. Are you feeling happy today or angry or bored? It can be as basic as that. 🦸‍♀️Manage online play dates with their friends. You can fix a time with other parents and kids to get together on zoom or Whatsapp or any video app to do this. Managing my younger one’s play dates 2-3 times a week has helped him a lot. Just chatting or playing with his friends has helped him cope. 👩‍👦If you have toddlers, who cannot express themselves then involving them in sensory play will help. Sometimes just touch and feel of that kinetic sand or messy play are great to relieve them of their anxiety. Remember they need more hugs and love than usual. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Family time- is more important than ever. We are all working from home but parents need to, and I can’t stress this enough, create some moments where they should sit, chat or even play games together. Everyday after dinner, we all shut our devices for a bit and have been playing games or just chatting. I know it’s one time my kids really look forward to😊. How have your kids been coping? What have you been doing that has helped them? #momsofinstagram #sugarbunsz #toddlerslife #letthembelittle #littlemoments #momblogger #mummyblogger #maaofallblogs

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Prerna is a mother of two 2 young boys and is passionate about blogging. Apart from food and lifestyle, she is extremely interested in fitness. You will see her practising yoga and talking about a healthy lifestyle often.

With these amazing moms blogging about their experiences, its so easy for all of us get entertainment, inspiration and motherhood guidance all at one place. Go check them out right now!

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