We are 6 months deep into 2020 and honestly, it has been quite a rollercoaster for each and every one of us. This year has been throwing surprises our way almost daily! Recently, the Government of India banned our very loved content platform—Tik-Tok. While this news created quite a havoc in the creator’s community, the artists took it in a positive way and were really quick to adapt. With the sole purpose of reaching and connecting with different audiences, various content creators, influencers and artists have started using Instagram as their primary platform. We have brought you a set of many unique TikTokers who are going to keep you hooked to your phones with their strong Instagram game!

Here they are:

1. Shanyo Daniel and Lyka

Talk about some real swag! Shanyo’s Instagram feed is filled with witty and funny videos made by him and his adorable furry friend Lyka.

2. Esha Shetty

Esha’s Instagram feed is a one-stop destination for all your fashion and beauty inspiration. Apart from being a fantastic fitness role model and a fashionista, she loves to travel! Her vacation pictures will make you want to go on holidays now.

3. Ansh Pandit

Ansh is widely known for the soulful shaayaris that he writes himself. You will find so much dynamic content on his page, from entertaining monologues to heart-wrenching words, It’s all there!

4. Saumya Awasthi

Her popping skills will make your eyes pop out (we mean this as an expression :P)! If dancing is your passion, then this is one Instagram profile you absolutely cannot miss.

5. Krutika a.k.a The Mermaid Scales

‘Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane’ is what Krutika is! Her feed has a great aesthetic and a pop of colour to it. Moreover, her content is not only relatable but also has an edgy vibe.

6. Shakshi Shetty

Apart from being a fab makeup artist, Shakshi is a feminist who creates incredibly relatable videos. I swear you could connect with what she says on a spiritual level!

7. Abhi Jatav

Everything about his dance style is so unique, Abhi’s smooth moves, strong co-ordination and crisp isolations will be the best thing have seen in a while.

8. Gurnaaz

She is your perfect ‘Desi Girl’ living abroad. With a strong knack for make-up, her tutorials are quirky yet easy to follow. Gurnaaz also posts memes that will certainly crack you up!

9. Shweta Bhintade

There is so much makeup and beauty inspo on her page that you just can’t get enough! Shweta is popular for her glam looks and eye-catching eye-shadows (trust me, it’s a dream to replicate them).

10. Jatinn J

This one’s especially for all the guys out there who are looking for some serious fashion inspiration. Jatinn has a great sense of style and it surely shows in all his pictures.

11. Akash Shivdarshan Singh

Akash carries a whole package of talent within himself! Apart from being a talented dancer, he is a pro athlete. From flyboarding to gymnastics you will catch him doing crazy stunts almost every day.

12. Naazuk Lochan

Classically beautiful, Naazuk’s photoshoots and videos will make you fall in love with her. Her videos are so strikingly accurate that you can’t wait to share them with your friends.

At the end of this list, I can surely say that these talented creators on Instagram are ready to serve you with some seriously binge-worthy content. Which one out of these did you like the most? I would love to know it in comments below!

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