Let’s be honest, first dates can be terrifying and awkward as heck. But getting ready for one can be equally nerve-racking. Most of us spend way too much time overthinking our outfits and annoying our friends on what they think works best. Trying to find the right formula on looking great yet staying true to yourself can be confusing. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some tips to help you pick out a great outfit that will give you that boost of confidence on the first date. These rules will make getting ready a little easier and knock it out of the park whether it’s a virtual date or outdoors.

Some outfit tips and rules to follow:

  • Try and research the location of date beforehand. This way you’ll know how you should be dressing and be informed if they have a dress code.
  • Stick to your personal style and avoid experimenting with new trends you haven’t tried yet.
  • Be comfortable in what you’re wearing. This includes shoes! You don’t want to be tugging at your clothes all night or complaining about how your feet hurt.
  • You can be sexy but don’t go overboard. Try and create a balance been sexy and appropriate.
  • Don’t stress out and overcomplicate your look too much. When in doubt keep it simple.
  • When you can’t decide what to wear, pick your favourite pieces and work from there.

Now that you’ve got these rules ready to go, here are some outfit ideas to get you started:

1. The Zoom Date

In the time of COVID-19 virtual dates will continue to be a popular choice as things slowly back to be being normal. Whether you’re using FaceTime or Zoom or a million other video conferencing apps, it’s still nerve-wracking deciding what to wear on a date. First and foremost, get out of those sweatpants. While most of your body won’t be visible, a virtual first impression still counts. Since your occupying the box on your dates screen you can opt for a blouse or top with some statement sleeves. A top like ruffles and puffy styles adds some playfulness and looks interesting on screen. Try and opt for a version that has more of an open neck that can show of your collar bones for a more delicate effect. Avoid high necks that can make you look boxy in the limited screen frame.

You get extra points for adding in some romantic details like cute earrings and choosing more feminine textures like ruching and bows for your top.

2. After-Work

Sometimes there’s not much time to change between outfits if you have a date planned in the evening after work. In this case, opt for something classy that you can easily brighten up or add to before the date. A shirt dress is a great option or even a blouse and skirt combo. It allows you to look put together for work and easy to add to later with cute shoes or accessories. Just wear a blazer during work hours and take it off before your date!

3. The Casual Date

A fantastic go-to option is putting together a pair of high-waisted jeans and your favourite casual going-out top. The main attraction here is your top. Pick something that has an interesting cut, fit or colour that gives you a boost of confidence. Avoid anything too fussy especially if it’s a coffee or movie date. You want to look subtle yet cool I just threw this on vibe. Pair this outfit with some cute sneakers or sandals and you’re good to go! You really can’t go wrong with this easy outfit formula.

4. Brunch It Up

Lightweight dresses can be a fabulous choice when you’re out of ideas and want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Whether it’s fitted or flowy, a cute dress can be very flattering and styled with the least amount of effort. These kinds of dresses work best for lunch dates and moving around town during the day as they can toe the line between formal and casual without looking overdressed for the moment. Pay attention to the details like lace and frills that give a softer romantic touch to the look. Pick a fun colour or print and see those compliments start to roll in.

5. Dinner & Drinks

You can’t go wrong with that classic black in your closet, it’s a classic for a reason. When in doubt, a cute black dress in any length works perfectly for this occasion. However, keep in mind the style, cut and fit of your dress. As they come in many different versions, you need to pick the right style for the type of date you’re going on and where. In this case, it’s always a great idea to keep a clean classic cut option in your closet that can easily be dressed up or dressed down with little effort. Don’t forget to add on some elegant accessories to top off your look but keep them to a minimum.

At the end of the day don’t think you have to tone yourself down too much for the date. Just make sure its suitable for the location you’ll be at. If your personal style is more vibrant and you enjoy bold colours, mixing prints or more, go for it!. You should feel great and let your personality shine through. And if your date thinks your style is too distracting or weird, they probably aren’t a good match for you anyway!

What’s your go-to date outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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