A must-have accessory no matter the season, belts should be a staple item everyone’s closets. It’s the kind of accessory that goes in and out of fashion every few years but never truly goes away. At the moment belts of all shapes, sizes and textures are the go-to accessories among the fashion crowd. Belts styles exploded into the scene is the last few seasons and continues to be on-trend. We’re in a phase where from street-style to fashion runways, a belt is necessary addition to complete or transform looks.

This time around we’re spoilt for choice with the range of styles available. From skinny belts to wider corset styles and everything in-between we’ve got it all. Initially used to practically hold up pants belts can really add some interest or texture to your ensemble and flatter your figure. A great way to stay up on the trends is by taking inspiration from the many amazing street-style looks. These influencers and fashionistas are experts in styling their looks with the smallest of tweaks. I mean if you told me a few years ago that we would be knotting belts, I would have said you were crazy! So if you are slowly discovering your new-found love of this understated accessory, get inspired by this list of some cool basic belted looks. These are chic but easily do-able or attainable by anyone.

Scroll below to get some style inspo from these trendy fashionistas:

1. The Everyday Casual Belt

This ensemble by Brittany Xavier is casual but very chic from head to toe. Brittany is very on-trend with all the key elements in her look, from the oversized blazer to the cropped hoodie and white running shoes. Keeping the outfit mostly neutral with minimal accessories, this Dior waist-belt bag speaks for itself topping off the entire look. This is the epitome of the casual-chic vibe I hope to emulate in my daily life. The return of the 1980’s belt bag or fanny pack trend works double duty and I’m a fan. Doubling up as a belt and purse its perfect for running errands during the day. Additionally, you can even pair this bag belt hybrid with an LBD for a night out to keep your hands free for other activities. If this doesn’t convince you to get a belt bag this season I don’t know what will.

2. Classic Wide Belt

Laura Jade Stone looks dressed to impress in this classic look. Keeping all other elements very simple yet super feminine she lets the wide-belt be the key focus of the ensemble that brings everything together. Wide belts are back and how! They’re back with a slightly thicker design and larger than usual buckle like Laura’s here. Her textured brown belt with a gold buckle really emphasizes her narrow waist and takes her neutral look to the next level. The soft cream, v-neck blouse and black high-waisted trousers all come together with the belt to create a cohesive look that’s perfect for any occasion.

3. Pastel Belts

I am so obsessed with is look, where do I even begin? First of all, the entire look is super on-trend including the lilac shade that I’m in love with. The monochrome, Bermuda shorts-suit with matching chain-link belt is fantastically paired overall. If you didn’t already know Bermuda shorts were pretty popular during SS20 collections including chain-link accessories. Most of the chain-link belts I’ve seen, vintage or current, are generally found in a shade of gold so it was very refreshing to see this accessory in a pastel version done so well.

Nina Sandbech really nails it here. She’s tucked in her blazer like a blouse and the ‘80’s style chain belt is essential to this look as it really adds some much-needed texture to break the monotony while keeping it in the same colour family. So simple yet so effective, she looks fresh out of the pages of a fashion magazine. Going monochrome is always a good idea and I’ve already made up my mind to mimic this exact outfit.

4. All-Black Textured Belt

While wider and thicker belts are quite popular right now its very easy to fall into the territory where the belt is wearing you, instead of you wearing it. I love how Komal Pandey nails the leather-on-leather look in this instance. Her leather blazer is worn as a top and cinched at the waist with a thick, almost corseted-style belt with gold accents. It works perfectly to create a break between her leather top and ruffled bottom, making sure her slim shape is well defined. The belt also helps make the textured all-black outfit look tailored plus more exciting.

5. Rhinestone Accents

With the resurgence of ‘90s trends also came the return of rhinestone belts. This belt has been popping up for a while now and while initially, they might seem sort of tacky it’s actually all bout how you style them. They won’t do much in the way of keeping your pants up but do add some dazzle to an otherwise dull outfit. In this case, I do enjoy how Anisa Sojka has kept it simple with this crystal accessory but with a double whammy. Sans any jewellery, the classic, black slip dress paired with two sparkly belts in different shades really makes a statement for a night out—almost like a Kira Kira filter IRL.

6. Utility Inspired Belt

When the double-buckle belts first came onto the scene they were heavily western and ‘90s inspired styles. However, at the moment they have evolved into slimmer versions. Brands have also been playing around with this concept in their more utilitarian inspired garments like Juhi Godambe’s cargo pants here. Personally I’m a big fan of the utility trend and these cargo pants are very trendy with the extra zippers and buckle detailing around the legs. Paired with a matching spaghetti crop-top in black it gives off a very E-girl-esque to me with a mix of the ’90s. Plus Juhi looks super comfy yet ready to kick ass at the same time—all that’s needed top it off are some killer combat boots!

What’s your favourite belt style this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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